Christmas Is Coming

My second traditional Christmas Eve post is a rehash of my favorite Christmas song of all time; namely, Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses. Yes, I posted this a week or so ago, but the tradition continues, repetitiveness be damned!

My runner-up is an odd choice, but my kids love it as much as the mainstream Christmas songs.

Run DMC kickin’ it old school!

It is impossible to listen to these songs and not feel happy afterward.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Is Coming

  1. Hey, Merry Christmas everyone. You know, I’ve written before about how I loathe Christmas music. This stemmed from my formative years as a wee incorrigible. I won’t go into it again because not a one of you really care, but mostly because I don’t feel like writing that much at the moment. Cuts too much into my drinking time. Anyway, I finally found a Yuletide tune that I can really appreciate…..

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