FJB Is Moving The Goalposts Again

The illegitimate president, after claiming the states should handle Covid measures and mandates, has decided if you received the Covid vaccination, you are no longer “fully vaccinated.” This nonsense is never going away as long at this POS is still in the White House.

With the onset of the Omicron variant in the United States, the country has topped the leaderboard with record amounts of COVID-19 cases being reported.

According to The New York Times, the Biden administration is weighing redefining what it means to be “fully vaccinated” into saying Americans have their vaccinations “up to date.”

F. Joe Biden is claiming you are no longer fully vaccinated unless you get the boosters. Not just one booster, but every booster. I’ve said it dozens of times, but this is not about the virus; it’s about control.

Back on Monday, Goldman Sachs announced their requirement for employees to get their COVID-19 booster shot if they didn’t want to experience a workplace disruption going into 2022. The same is being mandated for the University of Oregon’s students and staff.

If researchers were to change the definition between unvaccinated and vaccinated to include those who haven’t gotten their booster shot, it stands to complicate research efforts.

From the last story I read, the military has discharged a few hundred armed service members because they refused to get the vaccine. The most recent, and hilarious, story I read this week was hospitals are severely short on staffing… because the hospitals fired dozens and dozens of doctors and nurses after they refused the vaccine.

As you can see above, corporations are already falling into line with the Biden mandates, and you’ll see more and more people being fired if they do not get the boosters.

This is insanity. A significant number of my coworkers – supervisors, detectives, and police officers – caught Covid in the last few weeks. We were forced to be vaccinated, and what my coworkers found out was the vaccine doesn’t always work, masks certainly don’t work, and no one knows the side effects of the boosters.

I think this is the government’s plan to 1. make sure the unvaccinated are shunned from polite society, and 2. fire as many “troublemakers” as they can for challenging Biden’s unconstitutional mandates.

P.S. – This will be my only post today. It’s my last day of vacation, and I want to spend the day doing absolutely nothing. Tomorrow is going to suck, because I’m sure there will be fifty unassigned jobs sitting in my queue. Normal posting will resume tomorrow.

Thanks to William Teach of The Pirate’s Cove for the linkage!

8 thoughts on “FJB Is Moving The Goalposts Again

  1. More vaxxed people have died from Covid than unvaxxed. Saying so will get you cancelled. I’ve posted it 3 three times on Fb and it’s disappeared all 3 times..I stopped at 2 shots and I only those because my daughter is a major Karen and would have kept me from my grandies..


  2. Last week a blanket e-mail was sent by the president of the company where I’m currently employed, before the ink was dry on the Sixth Circus Court ruling that reinstated FJB’s mandate. Shortly after I read it, I sent an e-mail to my immediate supervisor that I would not comply. He’ll be back at work tomorrow or Tuesday, and I suppose I’ll be on the road home by the end of the week.

    A job for me is temporary. A jab is permanent. And there is no end in sight for these “cures” being forced into the sheep.

    I will not comply.


    1. I do consulting stuff these days, mostly to keep me out of my wife’s hair. I telecommute most of it, cause I hate meetings, and if that’s not agreeable, I pass on the job.


  3. This is going to get very confusing. Is this your 1st or 4th jab? When did you get the 1st jab? How long between jabs? Did you get the 3rd jab on an odd Thursday? Does your work address end in even or odd numbers? Are you black, white, asian or not hispanic islander?


  4. Digger – It’s despicable what some people will do because of fear. The vax doesn’t work 100%, masks don’t work at all, and this entire situation – created by China – has destroyed this country.

    TXNick – I was forced to get the vax by my garbage city. I will not take boosters, and since Covid is running through my building, I hope I get it again. I’d like my antibodies back.

    Cathy – I saw an article where NYC is giving antivirals for people of color, but only for whites if they have risk factors. Guess NYC wants to get rid of whitey.

    MelP – I identify as fully vaxxed, and also as a meat popsicle.

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  5. I wonder just when while they move the goalposts they will lap back to where the goalposts were, to begin with. And I identify as the sum of all that is pestilence.


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