Fiery Jack

A Louisville, Colorado man was arrested after he “allegedly” threatened firefighters with a firearm. The man did this as the firefighters were trying to extinguish the fire. I mean, who roots for the fire?

A man was arrested after he threatened firefighters who were fighting the Marshall Fire near Louisville Friday morning, according to the Louisville Police Department.

Police said it happened Friday in the area of St. Andrews Lane and Dillon Road, which is inside the fire perimeter. The man was armed with a gun.

The firefighters should have turned the water cannon on him. Oh well, missed opportunities.

Police said the suspect, 24-year-old Stephen Roach, left the area, but officers contacted and arrested him.

He was jailed on charges of menacing, obstructing government operations, obstructing a peace officer/firefighter, eluding and criminal trespass.

I believe Roach was also charged with dumbassery of the first degree.

6 thoughts on “Fiery Jack

  1. There are actually a number of stupid human behaviors that should carry the death penalty. This guy would qualify. Let’s Go Brandon! (He would qualify too.)


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