Get It On, Bang A Gong, Get It On

A group of fifty people decided to get together in Barcelona, Spain and bring in 2022 with a bang.

Police broke up a New Year’s Eve orgy after two of the invited guests gave away the private love-in by knocking on the door of the wrong house.

Way to go, dumbasses!

Officers discovered more than 50 people had breached local Covid restrictions by turning up at the property in LIica d’Amunt near Barcelona for the sex party. Spanish daily El Mundo said a local raised the alarm after two people tried to enter his house wrongly thinking it was the orgy venue.

Wait, the cops were more annoyed about breaching Covid restrictions than the fifty-person orgy?

Guests were ‘having sex’ in upstairs rooms in the property located by police.

The sex party was reportedly organized by a group of Americans who allegedly hired prostitutes to celebrate New Year’s Eve and the arrival of 2022.

You know, I was about to congratulate Barcelona for giving police the finger, and then I read the party was set up by Americans. I should have known better.

5 thoughts on “Get It On, Bang A Gong, Get It On

  1. I spent almost 3 years in Israel, and most of the girls looked like her. However, the ones that didn’t, really didn’t…


  2. Digger – I’ve heard Israeli women were (mostly) crazy stupid hot, but there are always some outliers.

    RD – If they did, they’re “examining” the footage as we speak.


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