Where The Deer And The Military Play

A solider from Paraguay was killed by a deer after the animal’s antlers pierced the soldier’s chest. You’d think the dude would have shot the deer the second it approached him.

A Paraguayan soldier has died after he was attacked by a deer in the gardens of the country’s presidential palace.

Sergeant Victor Isasi, 42, died as a result of piercing injuries caused by its antlers, the military said.

The non-native deer was a gift to the presidential residence near the capital, Asunción. An infantry spokesman said it was usually kept in a separate area with other wild animals which were not meant to come into contact with people.

Well gee, Mister Spokesman, I guess that point is moot. Here’s hoping the other soldiers are eating venison in their comrade’s honor.

6 thoughts on “Where The Deer And The Military Play

  1. Imagine if he HAD shot El Presidente’s rare imported deer?

    The poor sorry b@st@rd would be in so much sh!+.

    prayers for his family, because you know they need them.

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  2. I’m just guessing here, but people being people, and by that I mean ‘stupid’, I can imagine this young guy thinking he’ll pet the “tame” deer, or maybe coax it with some gentle words and a little food on an outstretched arm.
    A deer can go zero to sixty in about four feet.


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