Nothing To See Here, Move Along Peasants

Our good friend and ally Vladimir Putin has shipped Russian “peacekeepers” to Kazakhstan in order to help the Kazaks control their violent protests.

It has nothing to do with Putin’s plan to invade the former countries of the USSR.

Russia-led alliance troops arrived in Kazakhstan on Thursday after increasingly chaotic and violent protests rocked the nation for days and resulted in dozens of people killed and hundreds injured, according to authorities.

What could possibly go wrong?

The troops were deployed as part of a “peacekeeping” force from the Collective Security Treaty Organization, a Russia-led Eurasian military alliance akin to NATO. The CSTO, composed of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, announced early Thursday that units had arrived and would be conducting operations “stabilizing” the country and protecting “important state and military facilities.”

Yeah, the stabilization will occur when Russian troops land in Kazakhstan… and never leave.

9 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here, Move Along Peasants

  1. He’s doing this so F Joe Biden and crew will have a much better roadmap to follow when they decide to quell the resistance in all the red states.


  2. Veeshir – This concerns me more than most. My maternal grandparents came from Czechoslovakia, and their family was from Kosice, particularly Michalovce. If Russia takes Ukraine, how long until they start eying Slovakia?

    The Austrian Empire ran over them, then the Germans in WWII, then the Russians, post-WWII.


  3. One of Russia’s fears, as I understand it, is that Kazakhstan is 75% Muslim and 25% Christian Russians. The border between Kazakhstan and Russia is the longest uninterrupted land border in the world – like our southern border, but on steroids! If the Kazakhs begin a persecution or purge of minority Russians, there could be a giant surge of refugees across Russia’s southern border.
    That’s a lot of poor people to assimilate!


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