Istanbul Not Constantinople

Well everyone, get out your maps and globes, because Turkey has changed its country’s name… again. The name change is much more difficult to spell, but hey, at least they won’t be confused with Thanksgiving.

The Middle Eastern country officially changed its name in December to Türkiye (when the English spelling is used). The decision was made to better reflect the culture and traditions of the country.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a circular in early December making the change to preserve the values that come from the deep-rooted history of the Turkish nation.

“The phrase Türkiye represents and expresses the culture, civilization and values of the Turkish nation in the best way,” the circular says. “In this context, the phrase ‘Made in Türkiye’ is now being used instead of ‘Made in Turkey’ on our export products, which are the pride of our country in international trade.”

The only things Made in Türkiye are Islamic warlord-dictators and, I don’t know, olive oil?

8 thoughts on “Istanbul Not Constantinople

  1. It’s been hard watching the changes in Turkey. Worked there for a while during my misspent youth, and although chronically dirty, as everywhere in the middle east is, it was a secular, and pretty modern place, for a middle eastern country. Erdogan has reversed all that, sending the country back into the middle ages by moving back toward muslim extremism. while the people originally voted him in, there hasn’t been a free, fair election there for a long time. Now it’s just another tinpot dictatorship, with a muslim twist..

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  2. I like to buy yarn that’s made Turkey (or however TF you spell it). I can only buy it at Hobby Lobby & it’s one of the few out there that don’t cause issues for my arthritis (it’s stretchy). Plus the added bonus is that it pisses off the brain dead left, so I’ll keep buying it until someone screws that up.

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  3. Mike AKA Proof – They probably stole it from Sweden.

    Digger – Yeah, there’s no way Erdogan loses an election ever again.

    Doc – Probably sent to the Iranians.

    MelP – Nicely played.

    Mark – I’ve heard Caniks are pretty good. A few people in my division own them


  4. This is going to make it tough for me to invite people for Türkiye dinner at Thanksgiving. I’ll forget all this by then. It will also be tough to describe all the Türkiyes that reside in Washington, D.C.

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