The CDC Has Been Lying To You

Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control, admitted on CNN that – get this – that the coronavirus vaccine isn’t as effective as they claimed. Oh, while we’re at it, this lying beyotch also claimed vaccinated people could still get and spread the omicron variant.

Public health officials changed their tune on the efficacy of coronavirus vaccines months before the discovery of the omicron variant of the virus, admitting in August that vaccines cannot prevent transmission of the virus — even though President Biden suggested otherwise as recently as December.

During an August appearance on CNN’s The Situation Room, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Rochelle Walensky made it clear — prior to the discovery of the omicron variant — that coronavirus vaccines do not prevent transmission of the virus, despite the fact they were largely sold that way to the American public originally.

So, not only do we know the vaccinations may not work at all, but we also do not know the side effects of these vaccinations. I mean, I guess I could give Walensky credit for telling us the truth – two years later – but I’m certain I’ll never trust the CDC ever again.

12 thoughts on “The CDC Has Been Lying To You

  1. Funny you posted this right after I got off the phone with my doc. I have been hit by the “Blizzard of Death” (the MSM’s favorite term for Omicron) for the last couple of weeks. Right after Christmas, my sister who had been at my home for dinner asked me, “Are you sick?” I wasn’t, but by New Year’s Eve, I had a cold. Since then, my nose runs, my eyes water, and I sneeze alot. Other than that, I have no fever, no sore throat, no congestion, and in general feel like I have the common cold. My doc told me that after I have had the symptoms actively for five days, I am no longer considered contagious. According to her, this fine tidbit is direct from fine the upstanding organization of geniuses known as the CDC. I had a hard time not laughing out loud. She told me, “Go live your life, but if you are in public, just put on a mask.” I’m not big on masks, but I will admit, part of the symptoms are sneezing like an atomic bomb going off. I figure as much as I dislike it, it might prevent some of the stuff from going blocks if I have a mask on. I’m sure if I was in a stadium of 100,000 people and sneezed, I’d infect everyone there without one. Wearing one probably cuts that down to maybe only 50,000. I solve that problem by not going anywhere. Omicron is just the common cold being rebranded to stoke more fear in the lives of all the sheeple. F Joe Biden and F the CDC. Together they form a large group of useful idiots.

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  2. Isn’t it a bit interesting that the news media are not giving out death numbers for Omicron like they did for Wuhan flu? Why? Because only ONE (!) person, in Texas, who had other chronic disease symptoms, died after catching Omicron. FJB!


  3. The only thing that doesn’t seem to work against the virus is the vaccine.

    The CDC lost all of my respect when they declared gun violence as part of their responsibility.
    That’s when I knew they were too woke to be useful.
    2020-2022 have shown that to be far too true.

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  4. Did you see that Fauxi had to go testify in front of the senate & took in a picture off of Rand Paul’s site that had “Fire Fauci” on it? Rand tweeted the picture of Fauxi holding the picture & captioned “Finally, something we can agree on.”


  5. Veeshir – Agreed. And now “our betters” in the media are claiming they knew vaccines didn’t work. Sure you did, guys; sure you did.

    MelP – I love Rand Paul. Arguably the best GOP senator we have.

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  6. TXNick – Everyone knows this entire thing is a sham. The virus is real, but all the propaganda coming from the CDC is b.s. Why anyone would ever listen to these morons is beyond me.


  7. Last year the Mrs and I were vaccinated with Moderna. We understood the Guinea Pig part of it but for our own reasons we got it. The Mrs had some bad side effects from the shot. I did fine. We both got the flu shot this year also. Thursday before Christmas the Mrs thought she got a bad cold so she didn’t go to Christmas dinner with the family, I did. 2 days after Christmas I started. We had all the cold / flu side effects except the fever. On Jan. 4 we still felt sick and were finally able to get to the Drs office. We got tested, 2 days later she came back positive. My was listed as inconclusive. Today gat a call from the Drs office and all of a sudden I m positive too. Dr. Said we shouldn’t be positive since we have been sick for so long but we could have had a cold or the flu and then got Covid. He also said that the flu shot could have kept us getting the fever. Now I don’t have any symptoms of anything. I still have to stay out of work 10 days I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on. I don’t trust anyone the Drs the test the vaccine anything. They can stick the booster or anything else where want but not in our bodies!


  8. As a retired doc, this whole process has been interesting to watch. Since I occasionally do some consulting for the feds, mostly on over prescribing cases for DEA, I’m no stranger to what a bunch of incompetent dunderheads work for the feds. Until 10 years or so ago, I held some respect for CDC, but that was about the time they started saying I should be screaming at my families about guns in their homes, and caring more about “gun violence” than about their high blood pressure and diabetes. This, of course, coincided with the Obama admin, and the Obamacare push, which revealed how much docs thirsted for a photo op with the caramel colored “savior of us all”… Since then it’s become clear that academic docs, and especially MPH’s, just can’t be relied upon to “leave their politics at the door.” if you want objectivity, and to watch an otherwise liberal doc struggle with overtly dishonest his colleagues are, I recommend Vinat prasad’s videos on You Tube.. He struggles pretty successfully to be clear, fair and objective about Covid, and “the science:…


  9. Mark – Agreed. I took the vax because the city forced it on me, but I will not take the boosters. I’m done. D-U-N.

    Digger – I think my doctor is on the left, and I was waiting for him to tell me to get vaccinated and boostered. He didn’t, but if he suggested that, I’d leave his practice.


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