True Detective Stories

So I walked into work yesterday – the first day of night work – and the previous shift was a skeleton crew. Three detectives. I thought to myself, “Wow, that sucks for them,” and I looked at my roster.

Three detectives. Actually two, because one detective was Diego.

In the first two hours I did the following: the primary paperwork for the supervisor (he never told me he was going to be an hour late), scoured the building for copier ink (we were fresh out), entering old jobs left for me on my days off, calling coworkers with Covid to find when their return dates were, and hoping upon hope we wouldn’t get slaughtered.

At 4pm, a double shooting popped up on the board, and our gun teams decided to take the evening off. Guess who got the shooting? Sadly, Diego…

The Red Menace is still out from her heart issues, we have two detectives out on Covid, and one still on military leave (for nearly a year). In the meantime, we have to suck it up and handle every job the cops bring in.

The city knows most of the detective divisions are ridiculously short, and they have done nothing to fast track detective promotions. It’s been twenty-five months since the last promotions, and we’re losing personnel to supervisor promotions, retirements, and resignations.

We can still continue to do our jobs, but with so few detectives working, we’re doing the bare minimum. We receive a job, process it, and move on down the line. We do not have the manpower or the time to really investigate incidents anymore, so we write up a report, process the arrest, and take the next job. Then, later in the month, the bosses will scream at us because we aren’t investigating incident fully.

It’s a lose-lose proposition, but it’s exactly what the politicians want. If detectives are overloaded with jobs, they cannot possibly solve them, and the Democrats shooting people will never be found and never prosecuted.

16 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. It amazes me that crime is of almost no concern in blue states and cities these days. Want cities to self-implode, let the criminals take over.


  2. Ronni – We had four homicides last night, and it was a balmy 26 degrees outside. We’re at 17 total, which is 31% higher than last year at this time.

    If I’m going to be honest, the blue cities – especially Philadelphia – couldn’t care less about the murder rate, because it’s blacks shooting other blacks. The Democrats make a big production about caring for African-Americans, but if you go to any blue city in America, you’ll find that it not at all true.

    The mayor and/or D.A. could clamp down on this, but in the last few years, they have nothing. Hell, the D.A. is dropping felony charges on shooters, and has been for a while.


  3. It’s just going to get worse. As long as the criminals aren’t knocking on the idiots in charge, they don’t care. Richard Pryor hit the nail on the head when he talked about people driving through the hood & seeing people hooked on drugs: “oh my God, isn’t that terrible?” then they get home & here’s their own kid strung out, and it’s” “oh my God, it’s an epidemic!”


  4. MelP – It was fun explaining to the cops that it was going to be a while for us to take their job. They didn’t understand why we had three detectives, and why they were all busy. Because you morons keep bringing in stupid jobs!


  5. I worked in a city of 40k, 10 square miles outside LA. typically, we ran 4 one man area cars, with an occasional T or X-ray car, and a supervisor. Once in a while one of our 4 Lt’s would show and sit in their office for a shift. Many nights, there was no Lt., no supervisor, and a corporal would be our supervisor. Then we would have to take a drunk in public to LA County jail ward, because the state wouldn’t allow them to be incarcerated locally. So that would leave 1, 2 or 3 of us rolling the whole city. In those days, the insurance industry still had us doing reports on MVA’s, even though Ca. was a no fault state. Hard to cover calls, or generate aggressive policing staffed that way.. I feel for ya..Hard to work cases with no bodes…


  6. Digger – Salma Hayek told me yesterday she had twenty-plus cases she hasn’t even started yet. They aren’t “priorities” like shootings and gun jobs, but our new “commissioner” demands these reports be filed in seven days. It used to be thirty, because of the volume, and now everyone is getting chewed out for delinquent reports. My division had 352 jobs as of last night. 352 in ten days. How do they think we’ll get through this with a skeleton crew?


    1. It’ll end up being box checking like the feebs do. For them, if the box is checked, it’s investigated! Viola’! The problem is, skills that aren’t used erode after awhile. I took a break from Family practice in 2000. Only about 5 weeks, but when I cam back, the first week had no flow, and was, IMO, very poor care. Fortunately, nothing critical..seems like all your bosses care about is the quantity of paperwork, not the quality…


  7. I’m thinking virtually all the departments of any big blue city should “rebrand” and just have their police cars setup with a logo “Let’s Go Brandon! To Serve and Protect Ourselves and Our Masters.” The only cops left after awhile will be left wing liberal bullies.


  8. Wyatt, you ever think about making discreet inquiries to James O’Keefe/Project Veritas regarding the situation? This situation is certainly needs a broader audience…and you know your local media don’t give a shit.


  9. Rudy – If I thought it would help, I would. But this department would double down on the stupid and start investigating everyone in the department.


    1. If only there was a Professional Group of people that could find out the facts and inform the public? I bet citizens would pay money to learn this information.

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  10. Hey Jack Ass! used to post the Chicago Homicide Clearance Rate. It was so bad, they stopped posting it. Like 10 or 12% Cleared, not convicted, not even arrested, just cleared.

    How many of them had the doer hanging around, waiting to confess, “Yeah, I shot that M—F–er! He deserved it!” Or they left a trail of blood and bodily fluids? Probably about 5-10%? Probably the only ones that get to trial are the horrific murders, like the dead 5 year olds, the connected Chicagoans, and the 4% that are the murdered Chicago white folks, mostly killed by other whites.


  11. RD – I’m pretty sure we were at 20% last year. That’s partly because of the detectives and partly because of the “stop snitchin'” campaign the African-American community follows.

    Also, it seems the city is already hiding numbers. The department’s site says 17 – which were yesterday’s numbers – but there were two murders I know of last night. One was on the news, and the other was in our division.


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