The Gator Decided To Play Through

A Florida man captured video of an alligator walking across a golf course with a giant fish in his mouth. I mean, I’m a Florida Gators fan, but I doubt I want a gator walking across my golf hole before I putt. I suck at golf already.

A video shared on social media shows a large gator emerging from a pond with a fish in its mouth on a Florida golf course.

According to reports, Mike Murphy was playing golf with some of his friends at the Tara Golf and Country Club in Bradenton when the reptile walked across the fairway, all while carrying his lunch.

“Playing golf today…had to allow a gator to cross before we could finish the hole. Notice the big fish in his mouth,” captioned Murphy’s post on Facebook.

You can see the video at the link, especially the one golfer who walks toward the gator as it passes. Thought for sure he would have been a Darwin finalist.

6 thoughts on “The Gator Decided To Play Through

  1. I did a job in Florida back in the ’90s. Our cooling water pond had a few gators in it, one was a 15 footer. How did we know it was 15 feet? A couple of cajuns were working there, and, during their lunch break, caught the critter and measured it.

    Some good advice to all of you who think men from Louisiana are wusses: They aren’t, so don’t pick a fight with one.


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