The Shirt That Launched 1,000 Buttons

So you’re young, fairly attractive, and ready to head to the nightclub. You open your closet and begin the journey to find the perfect top. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains.

Sadly the rain was focused upon one poor sap who did not choose his shirt… wisely.

The internet has sacrificed yet another unsuspecting innocent on the altar of the Meme gods — this time a yet-unnamed man who decided to go clubbing in a shirt that has seen better days (or perhaps saw his better days).

Every now and then, when the internet winds are blowing just right, someone goes to sleep a man or woman and awakens the next morning a meme. Posted online by Twitter user JussdinV2 with the one-word caption, “Insanity.”, the Twitterverse’s execution-by-fire of the man was swift and absolute.

I would have suggested the guy wear a gray t-shirt underneath to at least obscure the bare chest, or, you know, wear another shirt. One wonders if the dude scored that night.

7 thoughts on “The Shirt That Launched 1,000 Buttons

  1. Ingineer – I mean, he had to have a mirror in his house, and yet he still put on that shirt.

    TXNick – At least. I keep waiting for his chest to rip the shirt.


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