Weekend Caption Contest

Screamin’ Joe Biden Caption Contest
(Source: Reuters)

Caption this photo in the comments section. The winners will be posted on Monday, January 17th.

Original Caption: President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the grounds of Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, January 11. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

31 thoughts on “Weekend Caption Contest

  1. And then fjb said “dvjghfd%+dk &)djgfd s jjkg %+)$” and all of the libtards praised him for his articulate honesty.


  2. Yuo got to stand up for your voting rights! Just like Emmett Till, Rosa Parks and I did when we sat down at the Woolworth’s Lunch Counter in Greensboro North Carolina!

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  3. The most remarkable thing about this is, his handlers and docs have hit upon a truly amazing drug cocktail of anti-psychotics, anti anxiety and amphetamine meds to keep this guy as superficially functional as he is. In any other setting this would be a moneymaker, but of course, they can’t admit that’s what they’re doing..

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  4. Here is why F. Joe Biden is yelling and screaming (well besides the fact he has Alzheimers Dementia and anger Issues). He and his handlers don’t have anything else. Their political capital is gone, empty, and even Democrats are starting to hate F. Joe Biden.


    My fear is the Democrats are going to martyr F. Joe Biden. Last thing this Nation needs is the assassination of a political figure, but the death of a Democrat Leader could be the best thing ever for a Democrat Party program of hate, division, and demonization of the opponents of the Democrat Party. It is not like the Democrats have anything else.


    1. RD, not being one who considers the violent option, I never thought about this, but I can see it being a very viable solution. Kameltoe Harris better really worry if HilLIARy starts cozying up to any of these people. F Joe Biden could die of Arkancide easily.


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