She’ll Be Back In An Insta… gram

Meet Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth of Brackendale, U.K. Courtney is a fairly pretty girl who doesn’t like being rejected. So much so that she had her ex-boyfriend arrested six times, thanks to her multiple fake Instagram accounts.

A woman has been jailed for sending herself ‘vile’ threats from up to 30 fake Instagram accounts she created in attempts to get her ex-boyfriend locked up.

Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth, 20, of Brackendale, made 10 police statements and claimed that her former partner Louis Jolly, 22, threatened to stab her.

She also told police that Mr Jolly was harassing and stalking her, which led to him being arrested six times. After spending 81 hours in custody, Mr Jolly was charged with assault and was given a stalking protection order, along with a home curfew, an electronic tag, and even lost his job.

Now I’m no detective, but I’m fairly certain Mr. Jolly will be filing a lawsuit in 3… 2…

However, when police received the data from Facebook, it showed at least 17 Instagram accounts created using two of Ireland-Ainsworth’s email addresses and IP addresses connected to her home and mobile phone.

She was arrested and interviewed on 12 December, 2020, when she confessed, before the Crown Prosecution Service discontinued stalking and assault allegations against Mr Jolly.

In my time in law enforcement, I have seen and read some very vindictive women destroy men. That works both ways, obviously, but I don’t think I have seen someone this evil. Just accept the breakup and go on with your life.

And when you’re ready, give me a call!

9 thoughts on “She’ll Be Back In An Insta… gram

    1. She looks like she was riding a bicycle down a hill and flat-faced a parked van. Brrr!

      Guys, once again I advise you: Never put your pride & joy into crazy.


  1. I always tell people I never had an authentic rape claim in all my time on the road. They usually broke into a civil dispute, or a vindictive chick. In this era of ‘believe every woman, that goes over like a lead balloon. When my missus and I were fostering, we didn’t take any kids over age two, because kids that have been in the system for a while learn that claiming sex abuse gets them more attention, and while they claims are usually proven baseless, my missus and i both had professional licenses to protect, and those won’t withstand even an accusation..


  2. Citizen Cake – She looks like she wants to stab someone multiple times.

    Digger – Domestic incidents are similar. Couple has an argument, female claims domestic abuse, and one or two things happen. The woman lied because she was mad, or the woman drops charges the second the male is locked up.

    Women know they get the benefit of the doubt in domestic violence cases, and women in my division use that to get what they want.


    1. Some years back we had a female ER director. She’d been a doc down in Stockton, Ca., and claimed that she had been shot at leaving the ER one night. Now she was up here, the the rate of opioid prescriptions out of the ER had been rising. This was in the early days of what has become the opioid epidemic and they were a few of us who were trying to warn people where things were going. I wrote her an email outling the problem and consequences, including the fact that if it continued it could come to the attention of the State Dept. of Health. within a week I was called into the CEO’s office and was confronted by he and the hospital medical director writing this ER doc a “threatening’ e-mail. they had the e-mail. They both conceded that they couldn’t see anything even faintly “threatening” about it, but required me to send an “apology”, or face hospital sanctions. I wrote a non apology, they were satisfied. But it was my first exposure to sexual politics. in one move, she took me completely off the board. I could never accuse her or her dept. of over prescribing again, or it would become a “hostile work environment” issue. it took three years, but eventually everyone who dealt with her wanted her gone. The police refused to send officers to the ER if she was working. BTW, I called some doc friends who worked at her old hospital and none of them could recall any incident of an ER doc, of either gender, ever being shot at.

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