The PA GOP Is Starting To Get It

In the last few years, I have excoriated the PA GOP for their decision to allow mail-in ballots, which had a major part in Joe Biden’s “election.” Many Pennsylvanians have been royally pissed at the PA GOP for that, but now a true hero has emerged. His name? Pennsylvania State Senator Mario Scavello, who represents Monroe and Northampton Counties.

Senator Scavello is drafting a bill which will divert Biden’s “ghost flights” of illegals from Pennsylvania to Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware.

“In the very near future, I intend to introduce legislation to address the influx of illegal immigrants being relocated into Pennsylvania,” Scavello wrote in the memo. “This legislation is in response to many news reports and many concerned citizens who have reached out to my office regarding the relocation of illegal immigrants into their communities in the past, now and in the future.

It’s entirely possible out corrupt POS governor will veto this, but I give Scavello huge props for having the courage to address this travesty.

According to Fox News, concern has been rising lately in the state of Pennsylvania over the issue of migration, after it had been revealed that “ghost” flights have been landing in airports located in the cities of Scranton and Allentown.

Wow, you mean to tell me “Lunch Bucket Joe” is sending illegals to his “home” of Scranton? A place where he lived for only ten years. Funny how he never mentions Scranton until he needs their votes.

While the flights didn’t appear on any publicly-available schedule, Fox News was able to obtain photos of the “ghost” planes landing in the Keystone State.

“How many illegal immigrants has the president relocated to his own home state of Delaware? If it is good enough for Pennsylvania, then why not redirect the relocation to Delaware?” the memo by Scavello questions.

If I’m not mistaken, Ron DeSantis suggested the same thing when Biden was shuttling illegals to Florida in the dead of night. I wish more GOP governors and legislators would pick up this mantle and divert these illegals to blue cities and states.

8 thoughts on “The PA GOP Is Starting To Get It

  1. More! Faster! Please!
    Or, even better – just meet the flights with a couple of tour busses…and when the de-plane, they en-bus. And then the buses goes down to DC and drops them off in front of the White House and residential areas.


  2. Here’s a better idea. Grab all the drug dealer, pervs & any jack-ass who has been in prison. Put them in a semi and drop them in a big blue city.


  3. Rudy – Democrats are big supporters of illegals, so they should welcome them in open arms.

    Cathy – I think Philly already did that…

    Mike AKA Proof – Yeah, it’s nice to see they’re waking up.


  4. Also, does anyone else see a thin black line at the bottom of the posts when you scroll. No idea what it is, but WordPress seems to have screwed something up again.


  5. Yes on the thin black line. Much weirdness lately, many sites on YouTube stop broadcasting midway though and display a clockwise rotating arrow until I reboot the site.


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