Hollywood “Celebrities” Hate You

Untalented, unfunny “comedian” Jon Stewart (whose real name is Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) went on his podcast (which I assume is as unfunny as he is) and ranted about the National Anthem and why Americans stand when it is played.

Jon Stewart is flummoxed as to why the national anthem is played before sports events, calling it a “weird ritual.” He also questioned the American tradition of standing for the national anthem.

Stewart, like most leftists, despise this country and the rubes like us who sincerely appreciate the freedoms we have here. I wonder why they stay in a country they despise?

In the latest episode of his podcast, Stewart spoke to billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Marc Cuban, who recently ended the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at home games.

Cuban is a genuine asshole. This country gave him everything, and he shits on America every single say.

“Does anyone know when that started, playing the national anthem before games? It’s such a weird ritual,” Stewart said. “I’ve always thought about when [Colin] Kaepernick took the knee and the whole thing was like, ‘You gotta stand for the anthem!’

Hey dumbass, you don’t HAVE to stand for the National Anthem. Those who do stand are people who respect the United States and appreciate living in the best country (for now) on Earth.

In 2016, my intestines were twisted, and I had to have surgery for them to untwist everything. Kyle, Erik, and I had tickets to the NCAA Lacrosse Championships, which were a couple days after I was released. I drove them to the game, and I took forever to get to our seats – I still had sutures in and I was still in a lot of pain.

The National Anthem began, and I stood. I was nauseous, but I stood. Not because I had to, but because it’s the decent thing to do. Not that Hollywood a leftist would know anything about decency.

8 thoughts on “Hollywood “Celebrities” Hate You

  1. Craig Kilborn did the Daily Show before Stewart, in the 90s.
    That was one funny show. I watched every day.
    He had a blast with Clinton and Lewinski. That was some funny chit. He had 5 questions bit
    and if you got 1 right, he flashed a picture of Alyssa Milano, you’d tied the dumbest person ever on his show.

    Then he left for a network, lasted about a week, and Stewart took over the Daily Show.
    I tried watching him but he just wasn’t funny, that was before he went all lefty, when he was just trying to be funny.
    The ‘raised eyebrow look at the side camera’ is his funniest bit, and it’s a little less funny than the ‘You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay…” bit.

    I’m seeing the black line in Edge.
    You’d think, considering who runs this place, it would be a thin blue line.


  2. Kilborn was great. It’s why I watched it so religiously. You’re correct, though; Stewart was awful, but not as bad as Trevor Noah.

    I think it is from the accept cookies box on the bottom right. It usually goes away, but for some reason it won’t disappear lately.


  3. RD – I can’t stand him. He caught an award last year for basically being black. He had an average year, but because he was “woke” he won an award.

    I’m a huge college football fan, and was a Michigan Wolverines fan since I was ten. The day they took a knee was the day I stopped supporting them. I loved the fact Georgia beat their asses in the college semifinals.


  4. Fortunately, I’m not much of a sports fan. I’d rather do sports than watch. we always play the anthem at martial arts tournaments. I’ve never seen anyone who didn’t stand. Maybe you guys need different sports. As for Cuban, he’s like all the Bond villain super rich guys. They’re all in bed with the Chicoms, and that makes them traitors. If only double 00 status was a thing..


    1. I saw Carson live doing stand up at a theater in the round, a really challenging venue for a comic. I also saw Benny, George Burns, Cosby x3, and Newhart, as well as Alan King twice. Carson was, IMO , the best of them, although Benny had the best timing I’ve ever seen.. Todays comics can’t hold a candle to that generation….


  5. Digger – Cuban is a POS, but most millionaires are.

    Gary – Letterman was pretty good before he went full leftist. Don’t miss him at all anymore. Carson was great. I would stay up late in high school to watch his show.


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