Milk, It Does A Body Good

Japan had an overabundance of milk last year, so to avoid the decision to dispose of it, the Japanese Prime Minister decided to urge citizens to drink and/or cook with milk as often as possible.

Late last year, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida addressed the nation and talked about various measure to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He not only discussed measures to prevent the spread of the virus but also ways to mitigate its effect on the economy.

It was then that he issued an urgent call to arms that may define his entire term as Prime Minister…in my mind at least.

“I am asking the people of Japan to use milk in cooking and to drink cups of milk always through the New Year’s holiday in order to prevent a mass disposal.”

According to the prime minister’s plea, the milk producers of Japan were sitting on a huge 5,000-ton glut of white crude caused mainly by canceled school lunches throughout the pandemic. If this milk could find no home, it would have to be spilled.

Thanks to the Prime Minister’s request, a portion of the Japanese economy was saved. This is what leadership looks like. If only we had some in this country…

9 thoughts on “Milk, It Does A Body Good

      1. Yup. And she reminds me of someone with whom I had a brief fling in the late seventies. (I was a lot hotter back then also.)


  1. Farmers in Japan hold a lot of political power. It has only been recently that California rice farmers have been able to sell in Japan even though it is a better quality and cheaper product.

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