Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Imminent

The White House and its lying Press Secretary Jen Psaki is claiming Russian Strongman Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is imminent, and they may attack “at any point.”

The White House raised more concerns about the future of Ukraine on Tuesday, as Russians amass troops at the border. White House press secretary Jen Psaki raised the alarm during the daily briefing.

“We believe we’re now at a stage where Russia could at any point launch an attack on Ukraine,” Psaki said. “I would say that’s more stark than we have been.”

If I know Putin, and I think I’ve read enough about Lenin and Stalin to take an educated guess; Putin will invade during the Olympics. The world will be so enthralled with the Olympic Games that no one will even bat an eye.

President Biden has repeatedly talked tough with Russian President Vladimir Putin about Ukraine, but tensions continue to rise over Russia’s decision to deploy troops in the region.

That’s probably because Putin knows Biden is a withered, dementia-addled old fossil who couldn’t – and wouldn’t – dare to challenge Russia on this. Hell, Biden already effectively said the U.S. will not intervene, and reaffirmed he will not send military aid to Ukraine. Pray for Ukraine. It’s going to be ugly.

9 thoughts on “Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Imminent

  1. Congrats to all the idiots that voted for Joe-tato to make sure there’d be no more mean tweets. The blood that’s soon to be spilled will be on your hands.

    Hope you’re proud of yourselves.


  2. I read yesterday where Russia announced that troops from the Far East are being deployed to Belarus for ‘exercises’. You don’t move troops four thousand miles in a Russian winter for target practice. The drills are expected to begin Feb 10 and the Olympics the next day. The next full moon is on Feb 16.


  3. I agree that this is going to get ugly and the Biden and dems could care less. I cannot think of one positive thing the dems have done in the last year.


  4. MelP – Putin may have done this with Trump in office, but you’d be damned sure Trump would drop a ton of sanctions on him the second he began.

    Citizen Cake – That’s what worries me. This is a power grab, and if he can overrun Ukraine, he can do the same with Belarus.

    Ronni – Yeah, this “presidency” has been a total disaster, and his first year isn’t over yet. One more day.

    Mike AKA Proof – I love how he wouldn’t send arms to Ukraine after all the money they gave Hunter and The Big Guy. Utterly corrupt to the core.


  5. They can’t invade during the Olympics, China has already reserved that date to invade Taiwan. Bad form to invade on someone else’s date there Vlad old boy.


  6. Gary – I think China will invade after the Olympics are over. Biden already gave Putin his blessing – which is unbelievable – and after he moves in, Xi will move on Taiwan.


  7. Nothing like a Two Front War for the US. China and Russia already signed an agreement to practice War Games with each other. I wonder if there were some other secret codicils to that Russia-China agreement?

    Notice how under F. Joe Biden the LETHAL Weapon Aid was stopped again, just like it was under Obama? Biden and the EU are doing everything they can to leave Ukraine unprepared, so the only possible way to aid Ukraine after it is invaded will be with NATO troops. I hope everyone knows that the only battle ready NATO forces are the US, Britain and maybe France.

    Please Pray that the idiots on either side don’t decide to bluff with Nuclear Weapons.


  8. During my misspent youth, I spent some time running around Lebanon, chasing Russians, and eastern European surrogates as they recruited budding muslim terrorists to train in their terrorism colleges in Mother Russian. This was a fairly frustrating occupation, as Carter had declared the Russian types untouchable, and Reagan continued that policy. We were allowed to do whatever with the other eastern Europeans. The closest folks we had to an ally at that time was the Israelis, but it was hit or miss, as the US was not that supportive of Israel, with the exception of American jews. and the Israelis had a love-hate relationship with the Russians because they were trying to move as many jews out of Russian as they could, which meant they were not as hardline with them as you might hope. So it was a constantly shifting field of play, with the Russians operating with near impunity. To my knowledge, that still seems to be the policy. I really have no understanding or explanation for it..


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