The Biggest Bitch On Earth

Meet Kali, a TikTok streamer – as if that’s a real thing – from Britain. Kali went out on a date the other day, and it turned into “the worst f**king date” of her life. So, instead of politely letting the guy down easy, she decided to release her inner c*nt.

Sorry, not sorry. This chick is a twat.

A woman had shared how got out of a bad date by pretending to receive a text telling her she had Covid from a positive PCR test – when in actual fact it was a text from her friend to help ditch her date.

TikToker, Kali (@tin.tin__1) described how she was on “the worst f***ing date I’ve ever been on in my life” and need rescuing, as she explained in her story and recalled thinking, “I need to leave, I couldn’t spend anymore time here.”

So not only is Kali a c*nt, but her friend is, also.

After she escaped to the toilet, Kali came up with her exit plan and got her friend to text her a fake covid positive test result and changed her contact name to “NHS PCR TEST” to make it believable, as she show viewers the fake text which read:

“Your coronavirus lateral flow test result was positive. It’s likely you are infectious. Find out at and read ‘Self-isolation and treating symptoms.’”

If there is any justice in this world, kali would catch the Covid, and be placed on a ventilator.

It was then, that the TikToker used this opportunity to leave and said: “Well I’m gonna have to go home,” but rather than doing that she went clubbing with her pal and revealed she “slept with somebody anyway.

Of course she did, because she’s a lying whore. By the way, she’s moderately pretty, but she should look into fixing those eyebrows, because…. damn.

17 thoughts on “The Biggest Bitch On Earth

  1. TXNick – If she didn’t act like a despicable hoor, I probably would. As it stands, I hope she falls off a roof.

    Ronni – I doubt it. She thinks she’s important, because she’s allegedly pretty. Gonna be great when her looks fade.


  2. Veeshir – Worse still, the guy must know that she was talking about him on the video. So not only does she lie to him, but humiliates him afterward. I’d wager he was a decent bloke, and she was just being a bitch.

    Cathy – See, it’s that kind of sarcasm which makes me wish we met in high school.


  3. Isn’t faking medical information from the government considered illegal? Maybe the guy should inform the police that she received a positive and then went out spreading the virus….let them deal with her by locking her down and everywhere she went, her followers would vanish. By the way does anyone know where the keys to the Karma bus are I have a list and some money for gas so maybe road trip time.


  4. Gary – Probably too late. Boris Johnson finally got wise and they are removing all Covid sanctions, including masks by the end of the month. At this point, I can only hope she gets Covid and has to be in hospital for a year or so.


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