They Should Have Gotten Rideau

Remember the “Feel-Good Friday” Ottawa kid who lost his stuffed deer when his brother threw it into the river? Well, we apparently found his Bizarro World older sister.

Onlookers were shocked as a woman driving across a frozen river in Canada crashed through the ice and plunged into the freezing water. But that isn’t the shocking part of this story. It seems that residents in Old Mill Way were further confused by the whole scenario when the driver stopped and posed for a selfie on the rear of her sinking car.

The woman, who has not yet been named by authorities, plunged into the Rideau River on Sunday evening at around 4:30 p.m., after wintery conditions seemingly froze the river solid. As local people scurried to mount a rescue attempt, the woman was spotted taking a selfie to immortalize the moment.

The woman was driving on the Rideau River, the same river where they found the boy’s stuffed deer.

According to local news channel CTV News Ottawa, a group of quick-thinking locals sprang into action to rescue the woman as she stood on the roof of her car. Two residents used a kayak and a rope to pull the driver of the yellow car to safety. (H/TMis. Hum.)

The woman was driving about 40 mph on the obviously not-completely-frozen river, when her car cracked the ice. Honestly, in this case, the locals should have let her car – and her – sink into the Rideau.

9 thoughts on “They Should Have Gotten Rideau

  1. What are your priorities when you drive your car into the river and as it is sinking jump on the back to take a selfie? Just give her a choice between a frontal lobotomy and a stay in the mental ward.


  2. Digger – I suspect she’ll get knocked up during a drunken frat party, and be married six times.

    Ronni – This is exactly why social media is so repugnant. These morons think Instagram, TikTok, etc. are their ticket to fame, so they do things like this. If the car went fully under while she was still on it, it would have likely killed her.

    Cathy – Guaranteed a Justin Trudeau fan. 100%.

    TXNick – I mean, why the f**k would you speed on a frozen river with what appears to be a fairly new car? No matter how cold it gets, there’s always the chance you hit an unstable spot.

    MelP – She’ll be elected to Parliament in less than three years.


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