Ancient Chinese Babysitting Secret

Meet Kerry Caviasca of Watertown, Connecticut.

Kerry is a hard-working school teacher who simply wanted to take a quick trip to Florida with her boyfriend. Since it was only a three-day trip, Kerry left her young children alone in their home and told them to stay out of sight.

Kerry Caviasca, 36, was arrested Saturday on reckless endangerment and risk of injury charges in connection with her three-day trip to the Sunshine State in late-November. Caviasca is free on $5000 bond in advance of a January 25 Superior Court hearing.

Police began investigating Caviasca after her ex-husband reported that she had left the children, ages 9 and 11, alone in a Watertown residence. Caviasca’s former spouse provided cops with a series of incriminating texts she exchanged with her children while she was out of town.

How do you leave an eleven and a nine year old in the house alone for three days? Cripes, just let the ex-husband take them.

Both of you stay in the basement,” wrote Caviasca, who advised the children to avoid the upstairs of the residence and “Jus staying downstairs.” When one child asked, “are we going into school, no right,” Caviasca replied, “no.”

On a Sunday evening, when one of the children asked, “what are we going to have for dinner,” Caviasca answered, “Just eat candy I’m sorry” and “what ever is downstairs.” She added, “I’ll make it up to you.”

Caviasca, cops charge, wanted the children to stay out of sight in the basement. When one of the minors asked, “Can I pee,” Caviasca replied, “Quick no lights.” After one of the children wrote, “I’m sad I put my batteries upstairs,” Caviasca suggested that the child could go upstairs “super fast,” but noted, “stay low so no one sees you.”

Not only should this awful woman be arrested – she was – but she should also lose her kids, lose her job, and lose any paternal rights from here on out. This woman is a despicable piece of detritus who should be shunned for the rest of her days.

11 thoughts on “Ancient Chinese Babysitting Secret

  1. Hope they sterilize her immediately. Since she is free on bond, she and the boyfriend are probably getting it on everywhere and all the time. He seems to be the only thing she truly cares about.

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  2. Frankly, a 9 yo and 11 yo should be perfectly capable of taking care of themselves for a few days, provided she left them enough microwavable meals and had stocked the refrigerator. Frankly, what she did should not be illegal. Though why she didn’t just let her ex or a friend babysit for her for the weekend, or even just check in on them. Our current society is sick, thinking kids are helpless and incompetent, and working overtime to make them so.

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    1. I’m with you on this one. I was driving a 1949 Willy’s pickup when I was 10. I had to go get two loads of rock a day and haul it to where my parents were building a house with a rock exterior. It was all on private land, but I had a mile each way, going over a one lane bridge with no guardrails. When I was done, I’d go fishing, usually carrying my .22 rifle in case I might want to come home with a rabbit or some other tasty morsel. I was home alone more times than I can imagine. At 13, my mom left for an entire summer, leaving my 17 year old sister in charge. It was the most glorious summer of my life. I did anything I wanted from sunup to sundown pretty much telling her, “You’re not the boss of me.” (My dad was out of the picture through a bad divorce.) But, kids can handle themselves and they won’t go hungry. In today’s world, kids are helpless and turn into helpless adults. All that said, this mom sounds like a complete moron and I doubt she’s doing her kids any favors being their mom.

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  3. RG – It’s entirely possible she may finish second.

    Ronni – Julia is home sick today – women problems – and I had to run to the supermarket. I was about a mile away when she sent me a text saying she threw up. I couldn’t drive fast enough to get home.

    Cathy – Maybe she’ll buy them more candy?

    VM – Wow, nice catch. They can teach students how to be good parents. /s

    RC – I’d agree if mom’s rules weren’t in place. They had to stay in the basement, with little food, and the bathroom was upstairs. She told them not to be seen, so they were probably too scared to leave the basement.

    Kevin, my genius kid, was pretty self-sufficient by six or seven. He’s also the kid who changed the volume button on the computer to read “Kevin” at four years old.


    1. Consider the mom’s insane “rules” were because she was completely aware of how modern-day society would react to letting the kids be on their own for a few days. If society were not insane, she wouldn’t have needed to give rules about trying to keep it all hidden.

      That said, it would seem she should have made better choices. Much better choices. Nothing to eat but candy? Really? Only run upstairs to use the bathroom? Lots of red flags here that she is not going to do well in a competency hearing. No adult to check in with?

      Bottom line is that I have no moral outrage at the basic idea that the kids could look after themselves for a few days. But lots of other issues with how she carried it out.


      1. Fair points. Close the curtains, keep the door locked, and don’t have the lights on. That could have solved the problem and allow them to roam the house.

        Our neighbor two houses up has our phone number, a set of keys, and permission to enter the house if something seems odd. Not sure why this woman didn’t consider that.


  4. My ex did this exact thing with our kids and if the 11yr old is close to 12 there is nothing the courts will do. They feel that for short term the 11 yr old is capable of handling the situation as long as they can contact someone and I happened to be that someone if needed, while she was several states away. I only discovered this while talking with my daughter. I spoke with a lawyer and although it was documented and added to the list of things, nothing was done to her.


  5. Edward – I hate lawyers. Most of them, anyway. The ones we hired to find out how my mother broke her hip in a nursing home said this was a slam dunk. The hip surgery eventually killed her, and shortly thereafter they said, “Nah bruh, We aren’t going to follow with the lawsuit.”

    When our ADA’s call for a favor, I always – always – give them to another detective.


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