Hush, Hush, Sweet Puppy

A woman from Evansville, Indiana lost her mind during a trip to Long John Silver’s. Apparently, the woman wanted one hush puppy, and when she was told they are sold in twos, the woman assaulted a pregnant employee.

The 20-year-old victim was working yesterday afternoon at the Evansville eatery when “a customer came through the drive thru and requested one hush puppy.”

Who orders one hush puppy? What, the second one would have pushed her over her ideal weight?

When the worker told the fritter fan that the seafood chain only sold the deep-fried delicacy in orders of two, the driver became incensed and “yelled a racial slur at the victim while at the drive thru window.”

She probably called the employee a scabby sea bass.

A second woman in the car “then began calling the restaurant numerous times demanding to speak to the manager.” The passenger then entered the Long John Silver’s and “began throwing things around” before she “kicked the victim in the stomach and ran from the store.”

So not only do we have a hush puppy psychopath, but also a raging, phone-crazy Karen.

These two dolts are lucky I’m not a judge in Indiana. I’d string them up over Lake Michigan, before dropping into the briny deep. Aargh!

5 thoughts on “Hush, Hush, Sweet Puppy

  1. Maybe she just wanted 1 because of the size of the LJS Hush puppies are rather large she was afraid that seeing two of them would remind her of a pair of testicles and that is just something a feminist Karen just doesn’t want to see.


  2. Cathy – They should wear them inside, as well.

    Mike AKA Proof – Or an irresponsible. Doesn’t matter to me if they choke them.

    Gary – Good grief, the horror!


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