More Fun Than 100 Monkeys

Police and fire rescue responded to an auto accident in Danville, Pennsylvania when they realized humans were not the only ones hurt. The truck was carrying one hundred monkeys, and at least three escaped.

This is definitely the perfect investigation for Diego the Idiot Detective.

A truck carrying about 100 monkeys was involved in a crash Friday in Pennsylvania, state police said as authorities searched for at least three of the monkeys that appeared to have escaped the vehicle.

The truck carrying the animals crashed with a dump truck in the afternoon in Montour County, Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Andrea Pelachick told the Daily Item. The truck had been on its way to a lab, Pelachick said.

This is exactly how the Planet of the Apes began.

9 thoughts on “More Fun Than 100 Monkeys

  1. The three that escaped were ‘humanely euthanized’…sounds better than ‘they shot their little asses’…also, several people who were in close proximity were told to be on the lookout for cold and flu symptoms…wonder what virus those little buggers were carrying???…


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