Catch Me, I’m Falling

The city of Yokohama, Japan had a very busy day Friday, after a man fell off a five-story building.

The incident began shortly after 4 p.m. on 21 January, when police received a call that a man in his 40s or 50s had fallen from the rooftop of a five-story building. In addition to the height he also reportedly had fallen in a very narrow gap between the neighboring building.

Oh, it gets better.

After the initial fall, a woman in her 40s looked out a window on the third floor of the same building to see what happened. However, in doing so, she lost her balance and also fell out. At the same time another man was looking through a window on the second floor to see what happened.

The woman who fell out the third floor window hit the man in his 30s in the head, while he was looking through the second floor window She then hit another man, also in his 30s, who was standing on the ground.

What are the odds two people could fall off the same building and both live to tell the tale? Amazingly, everyone will survive and the victims had only minor injuries.

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