Fiddling While Philadelphia Dies

Jim Kenney, arguably the worst mayor in Philadelphia’s 340 year history, has run into a snag with his ridiculously unconstitutional vaccine mandates. Kenney, a fascist drunk who can barely spell the word Philadelphia, just realized he cannot order a mandate without entering arbitration with the city’s unions. You’d think a career politician would know that.

The City of Philadelphia announced the following updates as it continues to work to implement its workforce vaccine mandate previously announced in November 2021.

While the City issued a vaccination mandate for all employees—those represented by unions and those unrepresented (exempt)—it is important to understand that legally the City must negotiate the impact of this new requirement with its labor union partners: the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), AFSCME District Council 33 (DC 33), AFSCME District Council 47 (DC 47), and Local 22 (Firefighters) before it officially goes into effect for employees represented by those unions.

Hmm, I remember being forced to work through the Chinese Wuhan Virus in 2020, without masks, and without any other protection. We were “essential,” you see, and while teachers and other city employees were allowed to work from home, we did not have that option. One year later, we were told get the jab or lose your job. Funny how we went from heroes to unpersons.

The first union to agree to the mandate was DC 33 and the City reached an agreement with DC 47 on January 14. One of the conditions in the City’s agreements with DC 33 and DC 47 is that any eventual deal with the other labor unions that includes more favorable terms must automatically be extended to their members—including any change to the City’s initial January 14 deadline (to either get a first dose of vaccine or submit an exemption request).

If I’m going to be completely honest, Philadelphia’s Fraternal Order of Police is, mostly, a completely useless organization. That said, I was surprised they fought the mayor on this issue, because they usually roll over for the Democrats.

Due to this and based on pending agreements and discussions with the City’s unions, until a full award from the interest arbitration panel governing the FOP contract is issued, the City is issuing a temporary stay on placing any represented employee on leave. The City expects the final award by the arbitration panel to be announced in the coming weeks. The City will continue to assess the impact of these awards on the agreements with the remaining labor unions.

Philadelphia earned 562 homicides last year, and ninety-one carjackings in the first thirteen days of 2022. Violence in this city is out of control, but this jackass wants to place police officers, firefighters, and other essential personnel on leave because they won’t take the jab? S-M-R-T.

6 thoughts on “Fiddling While Philadelphia Dies

  1. Rudy – Absolutely the worst mayor in my lifetime, if not the history of this city.

    MelP – Our FOP is completely useless, but they did step up for this. Of course, they could have done that months ago before I was forced to get the shot.

    Cathy – Exactly. I still believe if we lose arbitration this prick will fire firefighters and police officers, because he is a True Believer.


  2. It cracks me up that all these Dem politicians that are bought and paid for by Unions, put these mandates in place without talking to the unions. I guess the power was just too great for them to resist.


  3. Ingineer – Kenney, like our insipid governor, thinks he’s a dictator who can mandate anything, whether it is unconstitutional or not. The guy gets off on power, and when he claimed he would run for governor everyone laughed at him. He withdrew the idiotic idea after a week.


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