Mississippi Scheme

Meet Stephanie House of Mississippi. Stephanie has been feeling lonely since her boyfriend was arrested, so she decided she would turn that frown upside down… by forging a jail release.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Department arrested Stephanie House, accusing her of forging a fax with a Lee County Circuit Court I.D. and sending it to the Lee County Adult Jail.

The fax ordered for her inmate boyfriend to be released.

Jail staff recognize some irregularities with the fax and was informed by the Lee County Circuit Court that they never sent a release order for the inmate.

It’s difficult to believe someone as brilliant at Stephanie would be unable to forge a decent prison release. I’m guessing the hair dye has something to do with it.

14 thoughts on “Mississippi Scheme

    1. A true ginger doesn’t steal your soul, you willingly give it to them as you look at the emerald eyes surrounded by fiery red hair….it’s a good way to go


  1. Rudy – Easy, the princess is a ginger, as is Kyle. Although they’re both really moody.

    Gary – One of the first girls I ever kissed was a redhead when I was a freshman in high school. Met her on a camping trip with my family and a bunch of other firefighter families. Her nickname was Peaches, and she was the cat’s meow.


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