Ireland Will Not Put A Cork In It

In one fell swoop, a group of Irish fishermen are doing more to harass the Russians than the illegitimate president. A flotilla or Irish fishing vessels will peacefully disrupt Russian naval exercises off the coast or Cork, Ireland.

Irish fishers are planning to peacefully disrupt plans by the Russian Navy to conduct military exercises 240km off the coast of Cork next month.

The artillery drills at the start of February will take place in international waters but within Irish-controlled airspace and the country’s exclusive economic zone.

Patrick Murphy, chief executive of the Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation told RTÉ radio’s Morning Ireland that the area was very important for fishers and that they wanted to protect biodiversity and marine life.

There are currently half a billion tonnes of blue whiting in the area that move up along the coastline.

Considering the amount of ocean surrounding Russia, you’d think they would conduct naval exercises on their home turf. Methinks this is just another provocation from Putin, by harassing a weaker country.

6 thoughts on “Ireland Will Not Put A Cork In It

  1. I don’t see how any of this ends well until we start with the sanctions against Russia and stop by oil from them and put the oil and pipeline industries back to work. Dam# dems!!!


  2. Ronni – In one year, we went from complete energy independence to buying oil from Russia, because this pig wanted to please his pals in Russia and China.


  3. The Russians are picking on Ireland because it is NOT part of NATO. The Russians are picking on Ukraine because they do not want it to become part of NATO.


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  4. OK this is a bad idea, remember the Irish are a proud people, the only reason they haven’t conquered other countries is because God looked down and thought If I don’t give them something to keep them at home they will be worse than the Vikings. So God had them invent Whiskey. (if you look at the history of Ireland there is great advancement with inventions and the like until Whiskey was invented then 400 years of the first drunken stupor)
    So ask yourself this is it wise to do something to both piss off and sober up the Irish at the same time?


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