That Burning Feeling

A Garfield, New Jersey business won the 2022 irony award, after the fire safety business caught fire.

Thankfully, there were no serious injuries, but three people lost their homes.

Three people were left homeless and one police officer suffered a minor injury Monday after a large fire broke out in a two-story commercial and residential building in Garfield that a houses a fire safety business.

The fire broke out on the second floor around 4:40 a.m. at Firematic on the 400 block of River Road, Garfield police said in a statement. Garfield police evacuated tenants from the second floor as firefighters arrived to put out the fire.

The Firematic website said the company specializes in the sale and service of fire extinguishers as well as providing other industrial safety equipment.

I mean, I guess it’s better to have their building burn down then, say, a customer’s.

9 thoughts on “That Burning Feeling

  1. TXNick – You’re partly right. Two members – a D and a R – are being investigated. Nice catch.

    RD – Not all, but two are being investigated.

    Mike AKA Proof – What’s the chances they’ll step in a syringe in Garfield, NJ?


    1. My father and neighbors were in a volunteer fire dept, Rapid Hose, it was mostly a social club. They had great bazaars.
      The point, they were the second or third truck to arrive at a fire at their station.
      They piled into the truck and drove off before the guy figured out the code was for their address.
      For some reason they didn’t think that was as funny as the other fire departments did.


  2. Veeshir – Yikes, that’s gotta be embarrassing. My father was a Philly firefighter for 41 years. Said his best moment was working Live Aid, when Tina Turner walked past him with her boobs pushing out of her dress.


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