A Fisher Of Men Cops

Meet Eric Bennett of Florida. Eric was wandering the streets of Vero Beach looking for a nice place to fish. While Eric did not have a fishing rod, hook, or bait, he did have a bag full of syringes.

Police responding Saturday afternoon to a 911 call about a suspicious person encountered Eric Bennett, 30, on a Vero Beach street. An officer described Bennett as “visibly intoxicated on an unknown substance.”

Asked about large bulges in the pockets of his shorts–and whether he possessed any weapons–Bennett replied, “I have hypodermic needles for fishing.” He then removed “a plastic bag with syringes inside” from a pocket and placed the works on the hood of a squad car.

Remember in Jaws, when the boaters were fishing with dynamite? They look like well-adjusted, responsible anglers compared to this moron.

Bennett also handed over a cigarette pack containing a baggie with fentanyl. “I don’t want to go to jail,” said Bennett, whose occupation is listed as landscaping in court records.

I imagine Eric shoots fentanyl into his customer’s lawns, so the grass can look their “highest.”

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