The Gloves Are Off

So Thursday was not a good day. Julia had to come home early from school after she had a minor issue – it was nothing, she’s fine – and after we made sure she was a-okay, Kevin came up to me and said a classmate took his belt and started punching him in the face in the school bathroom.

I stopped in my tracks, and replied, “WHAT?!” Kevin has had trouble with bullies a few times previously, but this is the first time he was physically attacked. Apparently this prick started punching Kevin in the face, and Kevin fought back, albeit meekly.

When I asked him why he didn’t destroy this POS with his karate training, he said, “I didn’t want to get into trouble.” So he basically let this kid beat him up, because he was afraid the school would discipline him. Worse still, this asshole was bragging about the fight in class in front of Kevin’s classmates.

Furious, I told him we aren’t paying all this Krav maga money for him to sit by while people attack you. So, I decided to give him my blessing. “If this happens again, you fight him as hard as you can, and you don’t stop until the threat is over. Use your throws to slam him onto the floor and keep him down until an adult arrives.”

I didn’t think this would be an issue in a Catholic school, because I’d assume the useless teachers there would keep an eye out for violence. I will say this, though; if Kevin is attacked again, I’m suing the administration, the teachers, and the Archdiocese. I’m going to make it my mission in life.

12 thoughts on “The Gloves Are Off

  1. Anyone with half a brain knows that a bully never stops until someone kicks his ass. I can’t wait for the next post about this subject. Go Kevin!!


  2. RG – It would be wise for the teachers in this school to steer clear from me. The little prick got a demerit for the fight. No suspension, no expulsion, so fine. If it happens again, I expect Kevin to do what is necessary.


    1. My middle kid has cerebral palsy, so he got bullied a lot in grade school. I told his little brother to kick the shit out of anyone messing with his brother and told my kid to punch anyone bullying him. It ended up with my middle kid jumping on top of the bully and really beating the shit out of him, regardless of his disabilities. They wanted to expel him for the incident. Suffice to say, I was having none of that. I didn’t sue, but the threat of lawsuit fixed the problem. I also made it clear that if it happened again, I’d sue them so fast they wouldn’t know what hit them. It never happened again. Bullies only know one thing and using that one thing against them is the only solution. In my kid’s case, he was dealing with a bully in class and the school bullying him. I hope Kevin kicks the living shit out of this asshole.


  3. Always told my boys I would back them to the hilt when they stood up for themselves, but God help them if they ever bullied anyone..Of course, with bullies, they run when you fight back. Bullies are everywhere. When I was a cop, there were ‘senior
    cops who thought I was hired as their servant. Not. In med school and residency, there were ego driven asshats who wanted to drop their work on others. Not. As a resident, I watch a neurosurgeon and an anesthesiologist, screw up until they killed an aneurysm patient. I staffed the situation with my boss, and was told to document everything, which I did.( would have, anway) Toward the end of third year, the same boss brought me in and told me that the case had been ‘reviewed” by both departments( ‘reviewed” by docs in the same partnership, so not really) and they fouynd no problems with the care> Surprise.. Not! He wanted to re write my notes. I told him sure, but I would have to note that these were re written notes due to pressure from the two departments, and I would need to call the patients husband and let him know that the chart had been altered. Then i produced his phone number from my wallet… Never heard another word about it…


  4. Digger – My kids know better to bully people, because I would whoop their asses. The kids in his class are making fun of him now because the teacher was notified. They were calling him names – including “retard” – to which I responded with, “You’re effectively getting a free ride through high school. Pretty sure you’re the smartest kid in the entire building.”


  5. In 8th grade, I was about 5’4″ and we had this kid who was about 6’1″ and he was a horrible bully–picked on me (and quite a few others) relentlessly, shoving me into lockers, knocking books out of my hands, swiping my glasses off my face, etc…talked to my dad, and he said,”Bigger they are, the harder they fall…” Told me to go after him and not stop the next time. Next day, kid shoves me into a locker, and I turned around, kicked him in the balls and when he bent over unleashed an upper cut that put him on his ass, then I dropped a knee into his abdomen knocking what little breath he had out of him…when he was finally able to get his breath back, he sat there and cried like a baby…turned out he was the biggest coward in the county and he avoided me like the plague the rest of the year and all through high school. Kids slapped me on the back the rest of the day, and I gained a reputation for being ‘crazy’ if picked on and no one bothered me ever again all the way through high school…They called my Dad and he essentially told them to piss off and if they did anything to me he’d come down to the school and settle matters himself…Your approach is the right one.


    1. I was bullied in grade school. The kid went to my high school, and sucker punched me on the way home. We fought, and I held my own. By the end, I was taking his punches, and saying, “It that it?” over and over. He saw I could take a punch and left me alone.

      Always wanted to pull that prick over and impound his car. Ah well, missed opportunities. 🙂


  6. Since this won’t be a 1 time only, let the snot nosed punk have the 1st punch, then Kevin gets to wipe the floor with his face & a$$.


  7. Was bullied a few times, one time the guy jumped me before class and had his arms around my neck trying for a choke hold I turned my head into his arm bit down, and ripped his arm open with a 3 inch gash, the second time was gym class, I tool the oak bench they were sitting on tossed them off by lifting it up and one-handed swung it up to my shoulder like a bat and said next. The teacher was on the floor laughing as he told them if you guys keep picking on more he is gonna do something and I’m just gonna watch. Best advice I heard was from G. Gordon Liddy never start a fight but if dragged in always finish it.

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  8. Oh, they’d just tell you there’s no bullying in their school. Nope. Everyone is just wonderful. Wait, is that just what I hear from the shithole school district I live in? Kevin should just go HAM on that little f**ker and damn the consequences. These teachers and administrators are useless.

    (Yes, I am in a mood, and YES I’m the one counting down to graduation for my daughter.)


  9. Mike AKA Proof – Kevin took of his belt to defend himself. I wish he would smashed the kid’s face with it.

    MelP – His sensei always reminds the kids they are going to krav maga class to protect themselves and others. Kevin needs to remember that.

    Gary – There was a kid on my cross country team in high school a year younger than me. He picked and picked, until we fought in the locker room. I slammed his head into my locker door, and it caused a gash in his forehead. His father was an administrator, and amazingly, no one mentioned the incident.

    Prick never looked at me again.

    Victoria – A few years ago, a boy was expelled for having sex with a girl – both were 8th graders, I believe – in the bathroom. The girl initiated it, but the boy was expelled. The girl was let off scot free. My two older sons went to this school, and they all said the same thing; the girls get away with murder and the boys are always to blame. My son was assaulted, and the bully only received a demerit. Nothing more.


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