University Of Washington Bans Words

The University of Washington’s Information Technology Department has released a language guide which explains the university’s banned words and phrases for students and administrators.

Think about that. An organization of higher learning is banning words because they may make someone feel uncomfortable.

From “plain, non-colloquial language,” to a list of “problematic words and phrases by category,” this baby has got you covered, America — and not a ridiculous minute too soon. As noted by Moonbattery, the guide includes the usual, silly fare:

“Blackout date,” “black list,” “blackbox,” and “black hat hacker” are forbidden because according to establishment ideology, you must never associate “black” with anything bad.

By the same token, “white list,” “white hat hacker,” etc. are off limits because you must never associate “white” with anything good.

The preferred words are more ridiculous than you can imagine.

Incidentally, as creators of lists like this are wont to do, these geniuses included what the “preferred” alternatives to the above examples and others would be. For example, “black list” and “white list” should now be referred to as “deny lists” and “allow lists.” Far be it from me to nit-pick, but doesn’t the association of “black” with “deny,” and “white” with “allow” sound a bit — dare I say it — “racist,” as well?

The University of Washington charges approximately $12,000 for in-state students and nearly $40,000 for out of state students. So $160,000 to be lectured about what words you can and cannot use. Why would any parent agree to this? It’s literally insane.

13 thoughts on “University Of Washington Bans Words

  1. The question shouldn’t be why any parent would agree to their tuition rates, but why any parent would send their child to ANY college or university that was publicly funded. An electrician or plumber will probably make as much as your basic general practitioner type m.d. Maybe not as much as a brain surgeon, but they’ll make good money and none of them come away with student debt or a brain adled by indoctrination of liberal bullshit.


  2. Maybe if all these universities required everyone to speak in chinese there would be no more hate speech. Or at least, no one would be offended because very few could understand anyone else. (Sorta like what we have already.)


  3. Ronni – A serious rhetorical question. If you cannot handle certain words, how exactly will you make it in the real world? Business, especially, couldn’t care less about your feelings.

    RG – Erik graduates in June. He was accepted to Alderson Broaddus, but he’s still on the fence about college.

    TXNick – I’d suggest these kids never come into a police division. Lots of swearing, awful black humor, and insults all the live long day.


    1. Get 20-50 miles from the coast, and it is almost all Red.

      In Minnesota it is Majority Red State outside of the 494-694 Ring Freeway (Minneapolis-St.Paul).


  4. Mike AKA Proof – Money comes before principles in Hollywood.

    TXNick – We can, but since they can now burn, loot, and murder with impunity, and are never charged anymore, they probably don’t care. They’re untouchable now, so …

    Veeshir – Now see, this is a man of action!!


  5. I understand ” ‘master’bation” has been canceled as well…three committee members lost their jobs when they suggested “spanking the monkey” as this was deemed irrefutably racist as well…The University has banned all forms of self pleasure until they can find a suitable term for it…


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