Tossed Onto The Hershey Highway

The Hershey chocolate corporation has given its employees a wonderful bonus to end the month of January. They decided to fire every one of their office workers who were not vaccinated.

The Hershey Company has begun firing office workers who did not get vaccinated against COVID-19. On the way out the door, Hershey is asking employees to sign a nine-page confidentiality and release agreement that would remove their rights to sue the company or talk about their experience.

Although their signature comes with a “special separation payment,” many have not signed the agreement and won’t get the money. Employees say the payment was determined by an algorithm and for some, amounted to just over two months’ pay.

Who would sign a non-disclosure agreement for a measly two month’s pay?

Yeah, if I were one of their employees, and they asked me to sign a non-disclosure agreement, I’d tell then to go f**k themselves, but that’s just me.

[Fired employee Kim] Durham asked for a religious accommodation in August and assumed she would get it.

“I thought this was behind me until September when I met with an HR representative. It was an interrogation on your religious beliefs. They twisted your words and tried to put words in your mouth. It was terrible. I was asked such personal questions that had nothing to do with religion.”

Many of the employees asked for a religious exemption, and to the knowledge of those interviewed, not one exemption was given. Zero. None.

Everyone interviewed mentioned being troubled by similar questions during the meetings, usually held with an immediate supervisor and someone from HR, such as:

Have you ever been vaccinated? Are your children vaccinated? How do you protect yourself when you leave your home? How often do you go to church? Do you take Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Tums, or Midol? If so, how can you say that you’re truly a religious person, because a lot of those medicines also have the same ingredients as the vaccine?

One of the HR drones allegedly stated, “[T]he Pope is vaccinated, and he says that the greatest gift you can give your community is to be vaccinated as well.” I mean, are you f**king kidding me?

I’m usually not a person to call for boycotts because I know they rarely work, but I doubt I’ll be rushing to the Hershey aisle anytime soon.

11 thoughts on “Tossed Onto The Hershey Highway

  1. Hershey is off the list & my fat butt is pissed. The pope is on Jesus list of the people he wants to meet at the gate to heaven.


  2. Cathy – The worst part about that comment is the HR beyotch was likely making fun of the employee and of Christianity.

    Mike AKA Proof – And as far as I know, they aren’t firing people en masse because of a vax.


  3. This pisses me off. Hershey’s was one of the few chocolates that I could safely eat (nut allergies + asthma = no bueno).


  4. All this for a vaccine that does not work well.

    Half the people I know, including me have been sick in January. Those that tested for COVID were all COVID Positive. They were ALL FULLY VACCINATED. None of them got really sick, except the fully vaccinated one that had COVID in February 2020. He had another tough time, and the misery was drawn out for more than two weeks. This time though, no ER visits. His fully UNvaccinated brother never even caught it (that he knows of) from the sick people he lived with.

    I hope the Hershey victims find some competent legal assistance. Denying every religious exemption is very, very stupid. US Marine Grade Stupid (I heard they also refused ALL religious exemptions?). It shows a predisposed antagonism to religious liberty. The idiot that made the original decision is too stupid and how hidebound to realize how wrong and how late she/he is.

    Whether the scaremongers and the insanely fearful realize it? US COVID will be over in about 3 more weeks. The Omicron Variant has run through the US in December and January, and will soon run out of masses of victims. It already peaked around New Years in NYC and now for most of the country.

    By this time next year Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 will have mutated into something with symptoms indistinguishable from the thousand of other Coronaviruses that make up the comon cold. With Omicron mutations and prevalence, it is almost there.


  5. TXNick – Wouldn’t surprise me. Karens are everywhere.

    RG – That’s where they shipped their non-disclosure agreement.

    MelP – Yeah, I liked it, too. Damned shame.

    RD – I thought I read most of the armed services denied the religious exemptions. Since we have an anti-religious administration, it doesn’t shock me.


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