I Would Like To Have Seen Montana

If you’re planning to visit Big Sky Country any time soon, you’ll have to do so without any Whi-SKY. You see, F. Joe Biden’s administration still cannot fix the supply lines, and the state of Montana is completely out of Jameson whiskey.

In a strange quirk of ongoing pandemic-related shortages, there has hardly been a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey to be found at any bar in western Montana for nearly two months.

That’s according to multiple bar owners and liquor store managers.

Even in Butte, with its rich Irish history, the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration will most likely not feature the coveted spirit.

“We only have two precious bottles left that we’ve been saving for St. Patrick’s Day,” said Lacey Clements, a bartender at Maloney’s, an Irish bar on Main Street. “It’ll be first-come, first-served. All of the liquor stores are out and they’ve told us any more bottles are still a month or so away.”

Now, the be perfectly honest, I am not a huge fan of whiskey. When I still played ice hockey, I drank it, because our sponsor was a bar that always had Jameson on hand. But it doesn’t like me, and I rarely like it, although I did have some on New Year’s Eve when Kyle had his friends over.

It sucks for the St. Patrick’s crowd, but you all know who’s to blame.

9 thoughts on “I Would Like To Have Seen Montana

  1. TXNick – When I was in college, I drank vodka like a Russian fish. After enough terrible hangovers we had to part ways. I rarely drink anymore, so if I have a beer after work, I’m effectively woozy.

    Mike AKA Proof – Scranton’s favorite son!


  2. Gary,

    Hopefully the Snowman, Fred and The Bandit would be up in Canada with tens of thousands of Canadian truckers protesting in Ottawa or one of the Provincial Capitols. Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and even some of the Canada-US Border Crossings.

    The truckers and normal Canadians are peacefully protesting the vaccine mandates and other COVID restrictions. The government is calling them dangerous white supremacists, Nazis, Racists, Homophobes, criminals, violent rioters and worse. Except the truckers are not violent, committed no crimes, and have not injured or killed one person. The truckers have not even broken any windows, much less looted and burned down any stores. Bad truckers!

    The Canadian Political Establishment and their mainstream media are losing their F***ing minds. The Ottawa Police Chief at his press conferences sounds like a KGB or Gestapo henchman threatening to hunt down the truckers AND their financial supporters. They want to do to all the people that dare protest the COVID lockdowns and mandates what the Domocrats have done to the January 6 trespassers. Except the damned truckers keep peacefully protesting, even having dance parties, and not violate any laws.
    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fled the Capitol, using COVID as his excuse. The “Conservative” opposition leader Erin O’Toole defamed the protesters and got thrown out by his own damn party. You should really see and hear what is happening North of the Border. Start here:



    Or try Jack Posobiec, Rebel News, and others on Twitter

    It would be Hilarious, if it was not so damned scary. Politicians are demanding the Army put down the protests. So far the military is saying NO! It is almost like the government wants to get rid of all of the protesters.


  3. In a true free market, someone could rent a truck and haul a load of Jameson’s from where it is plentiful to Montana and make a nice profit. But we all know how that goes …


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