Happy Birthday Kevin!

Today is my youngest son’s 14th birthday.

Kevin has always been a fairly brilliant kid. When he was a toddler, he went into Mrs. Earp’s Facebook site, wrote and posted the word, “poop,” and sent it to her followers. Around the same time, he was messing with the computer, and changed the volume button to read “Kevin.” It took me quite a while to find out how the change it back.

Kevin really likes reading – especially Reader’s Digest – and watches a lot of YouTube. Some of it is stupid stuff, but most of his viewing has to do with computers. It there is something wrong with our computer, the boy can fix it – quickly and efficiently.

As I posted before, he was accepted to a suburban prep school, but he decided to go to a Philly Catholic school instead, because they gave him a $28,000 scholarship – $7,000 for each year. I think all my kids are intelligent, and they are, but Kevin is just a notch higher than the others. I’m sure he’ll crush high school, and it he decides to go to college, he’ll probably crush that, too.

Happy birthday, Kevin. We love you.

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