Philly Enacts A “Driving Equality Policy”

Over the past few years, my greatest thrill has been watching the coordinated self-destruction of Philadelphia by its drunken idiot mayor, its indicted City Council, and its police department.

Philadelphia politicians started the ball rolling by allowing BLM (Burn, Loot, Murder) to ravage the city with impunity, then released the thugs without any charges. Then Covid hit, and the “mayor” shut down the city, which eventually destroyed the city’s restaurant industry. After that, the “mayor” a man who cannot spell the word vaccine, forced every city worker to get vaccinated, lest you be suspended and/or fired.

Now, the City Council has passed an executive order declaring the initiation of a “Driving Equality” policy. Hmm, I wonder which set of people will benefit the most from this idiotic order?

Philadelphia City Council passed a bill, entitled Achieving Driving Equality, which limits Philadelphia Police officers’ ability to stop vehicles for certain violations of Title 75, the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code (MVC). In this legislation, City Council has designated eight (8) MVC provisions, listed below, as “secondary” violations. Any MVC provision not listed below is considered a “primary” violation. The below listed “secondary” violations, may not be used as the sole basis to conduct a vehicle stop/investigation. The new provisions take effect on February 24, 2022.

So the city is ordering us to look the other way when it comes to automobile/traffic violations. Expired registrations, expired inspections, putting the license plate in the rear window, no lights on at night; all this is perfectly legal now, and we cannot stop a vehicle for any of these infractions.


Here is the entire list of infractions that are no longer illegal inside the city limits.


When conducting a car stop, Philadelphia Police officers will not use any of the following “secondary” violations as the sole basis for the vehicle investigation:

§ 1301. Registration and Certificate of Title Required. – driving with expired registration, provided the vehicle had been registered within the last 60 days prior to the stop (a registration that has been expired for more than 60 days, prior to the stop, would be considered a primary violation)

§ 1310.1 (c).Temporary Registration Permits. – driving with temporary registration permit placed at an improper location, as long as the permit is otherwise visible

§ 1332 (a). Display of Registration Plates. – driving with the registration plate not securely fastened but the plate is clearly displayed (example – driving with the plate in rear window but otherwise visible)

§ 4302. Periods for Requiring Lighted Lamps. – Operating a vehicle with a single headlight, brake light, or a single bulb in a multiple bulb vehicle light is no longer a basis to make a stop and is considered a secondary violation. However, a stop is still permitted, if more than one headlight, brake light or running light are not operating. This is a primary offense.

§ 4524 (c). Windshield Obstructions and Wipers. – driving with objects hanging from the rearview mirror (example – air fresheners, graduation cap tassels, etc. hanging from the mirror)

§ 4536. Bumpers. – driving a vehicle without bumpers (front, rear, or both)

§ 4703. Operation of Vehicle without Official Certificate of Inspection. – driving without official certificate of inspection (no inspection sticker)

§ 4706 (c) (5). Prohibition on Expenditures for Emission Inspection Program Subsection entitled Evidence of Emission Inspection – driving without evidence of emission inspection (no emission sticker)

The city of Philadelphia, birthplace of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, has officially become a city of anarchy.

11 thoughts on “Philly Enacts A “Driving Equality Policy”

  1. At this point, why have any laws pertaining to driving and vehicles in Philly? This stuff passed ridiculous along time ago and is stuck on stupidity!


  2. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. No matter what the idiots in charge deem to be good for their serfs, the cops/firefighters/EMT’s will get the brunt of the blame sharing.


  3. People who break major laws also break minor laws (car registration, etc.) Pulling over people for minor infractions often netted people who broke major laws. The mayor and city council are making it harder to keep felons off the street. Good thing you can see your retirement from here.


  4. How about them passing a “Work Equity” law that requires the criminal class to repay society for the crimes they commit? Make them sweat restitution.

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  5. Ronni – There will still be cops stopping cars in violation of the law, and those cops will lose their guns, and possibly their jobs. The mayor knows this, and it’s the easiest way to defund the police… by firing them.

    Rudy – The left has gone of their trolley, and all this woke garbage is eventually going to catch up with them. They already went after Rogan, who’s a Bernie Bro. The others will be next.

    MelP – Mrs. Earp and her friend next door were talking about Tennessee the other day. I think it’s probably our best option for when we leave this dump.

    Mike AKA Proof – That’s their plan. The more laws they pass to keep us down, the more victims pile up. No one in city government has done a thing to slow the murders. You’d think they would want to keep their voters alive, but apparently not.

    TXNick – LOL. This jackass mayor put speed cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard, which crosses most of the city. Strangely enough, most of the cameras are in the far northeast, where working families live. There is one camera in the hood. One.


  6. It’s funny cuz I don’t live there.
    Watching elected leaders destroy their cities/states/countries is sorta horrifying but sorta funny because the people living there will attack me for noticing as they defend/embrace their destructors.

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  7. Veeshir – These politicians live in this shithole; you’d think they wouldn’t want to turn into a gulag.

    RG – Kenney is the worst mayor this city has ever seen. Beverage taxes, mandatory lockdowns, mandatory vaccines, all from a guy who cannot tie his own shoes.


  8. Did I not see any restriction on proof of insurance? You bet the legal honest citizens of this dump will pay through the nose with higher insurance rates.


  9. Next thing will be it’s ok to drive w/o a license (this helps the illegals) and you won’t need insurance and it will become death race Philly.


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