Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

Meet Endija Terauda, a 24-year old skeleton racer from Latvia. Endija is fairly new to the sport, making her debut in 2020. Her 100m hurdle background definitely helps, as she’s wicked fast. She debuted at the 2020 World Cup in Sigulda finishing in third place, which is her best World Cup result to date.

This is her first Olympics, and she finished 20th out of twenty in the competition, but she’s young and it’s difficult to get past the Germans.

There are more photos below the fold…

While luge is a dangerous sport, skeleton is arguably more dangerous, as the competitors fly down the track headfirst. The girl has guts.

Like most Olympic athletes, Endija fills out a bikini perfectly.

There’s something about the women’s skeleton uniform…

While Endija didn’t get the results she wanted, she is still very positive about her Olympic career. Hopefully she’ll be back at the 2026 Winter Games in Italy.

7 thoughts on “Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

  1. RG – There were stories showing they offered the same meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There were also concentration camps for those who caught Covid. Why they allow China to hold these games is beyond me.


    1. My meager protest is not to watch one single event. I truly cannot believe that every single country said, “We’re not coming.” Or, that the IOC didn’t just yank the Olympics out from under these commie pricks and give them the bird as they walked away. The Olympics will never be the same. It’s kind of like the NFL. I’m done with them both. But, I definitely like looking at hot Olympic babes. 🙂


      1. I watched the last two Slovakia ice hockey games. They beat Latvia then Germany. They play the U.S. tonight, and I hope the Americans get slaughtered. Probably won’t happen, but my grandparents were from Slovakia, so I’m supporting the team.


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