Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

Meet Sophie Hediger, a 23-year old snowboarder from Switzerland. Sophie is competing in her first Olympiad, after competing in the 2016 Youth Olympic Games, finishing second in both the Freestyle Snowboard Relay and Boardercross. The girl has some real talent, and she has been skiing since she was two years old.

Sophie was a 2018 Junior World Championships bronze medalist, a 2016 Youth Olympic Games silver medalist, and a 2014 national championships silver medalist.

Like many European women serving their country, Sophie is a member of the Swiss military.

There are more photos below the fold…

Sophie spends most of her time on the slopes, practicing her move on the snowboard.

She may not be the prettiest girl in the world, but her smile is very engaging.

I’m sure Sophie gets more than her fair share of looks from Swiss men, and who can blame them?

Sophie finished seventh in the Mixed Team Snowboard Cross.

P.S. – I’d like to mention something for the readers. I have done my very best to include American and Canadian athletes in these posts, but to be brutally honest, their Olympic profiles are chock full of uber-wokeness. Now maybe that’s a flaw on my part, but I was picking a very attractive U.S. snowboarder, and while reading the bio, it was apparent she doesn’t like anything about America. Sadly, some of the Canadians weren’t much better. I’m trying to get include all the babes I can find, but I’m not really searching for woke clowns.

Sorry if that bothers you, but I’d rather post some down-to-Earth athletes instead of people who hate me. I just wanted to mention that before everyone yells at me for not supporting the home team.

9 thoughts on “Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

  1. To hell with wokism. You’re doing a great job collecting Olympic babes. It’s not your fault US and Canadian athletes are infected with a freedom-killing disease. Thanks for all the feminine beauty!


  2. Wyatt, please keep leaving the “woke” out. Not only is “woke” not sexy, it’s a turn off.

    Take AOC. No, please, take her. Far, far away.


  3. Mike47 – I was going to post about Madison Chock on the U.S. She’s a figure skater and very pretty. Her Instagram is full of wokeism, including photos of RGB and Kamala Harris. Hard pass.

    Mark – Agreed. Sunday is the last day, and I did post an American for the finale – I posted four women from different countries – and the American is pretty and not an idiot.

    Rudy – The Canadians aren’t as bad as the U.S., but their Instagrams are really boring. Nothing to get red-blood males excited at all.


  4. She has a great “girl next door” look. As to the woke, who needs ’em? I think AOC is not bad looking, then she opens her mouth, and the illusion is ruined.. My youngest has a bunch of friends that work in the pot business, and it’s amazing how conservative they are after seeing what gov’t regulation and taxation has done to their business. So, you find un-woke-ness in some unexpected places…


  5. I would rather have good looking women who have a good soul and personality rather than a good looking American on the outside but inside resembles the crypt keeper with the rot in her soul.


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