Congress To Reinstall Capitol Fence

The despicable politicians in Washington, D.C. are preparing to install fencing around the Capitol Building in preparation for a trucker protest around the time of the illegitimate president’s State of the Union Address. If nothing else, Joe Dementia’s address should be high-larious.

Fencing will be reinstalled around the Capitol next week for President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address as officials fear a trucker “Freedom Convoy” may make its way to Washington, D.C.

Imagine being afraid of a peaceful trucker protest. Cripes, our representatives are such pussies.

“Freedom Convoy” truckers in Canada have been protesting for weeks against the country’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates for truckers and the Ambassador Bridge border crossing between Ontario and Michigan has been blocked by protestors.

I’m sure the Capitol Police will be happy to assault and arrest peaceful protesters. Maybe “hero” Michael Byrd will be able to murder another protester like he did with Ashli Babbitt.

U.S. Capitol Police said they are aware of a trucker convoy arriving in D.C. around the time of the president’s State of the Union address on March 1 and will “facilitate lawful First Amendment activity.”

That is an absolute lie. The Capitol Police will crack down on trucker protests, because the illegitimate president will not tolerate opposing views. Biden is as much a fascist as Trudeau, just much dumber.

10 thoughts on “Congress To Reinstall Capitol Fence

  1. Nothing would warm the cockles of my icy cold heart more than a couple of hundred Semis outside the Capitol and a few thousand people with air horns all blowing them during President* Xiden’s photo op.


  2. It would be nice to see a few hundred trucks just demolish their fence, but it would be nicer to see each and every one of them peacefully demonstrating and shouting “Fuck Joe Biden” for hours upon end. Remember that virtually everyone in D.C. is a Demoncrat, so that would probably mean that the majority of the Capitol Police are the same. I wouldn’t trust them to be even worse thugs than the people calling themselves police in Ottowa. You can be the FBI is setting them all up for another January 6th incident. Let’s hope nobody falls for it this time.


  3. A better way to pizz them off would be no one showing up at all. All that work and for no reason.

    Then do it a weekend after the fence is taken down, but don’t announce the protest beforehand.


  4. I watched live streams out of Ottawa all weekend. The police were ridiculous. Their whole response was overblown and overly dramatic. The MSM was there with no network insignia, with soy boy bodyguards, and all I heard from the protestors was “freedom!” and O, Canada. (I’m amazed I can’t sing it from memory by now.) Amazing how something like the freedom convoy is bad! Terrorists! Misogynists! But BLM was allowed to destroy cities. *shakes head*

    I wonder when Husband’s Guard unit will get a call for volunteers to go to DC.


  5. The reason the Ottawa Protests worked for three weeks wa the protesters were NON-VIOLENT. After he ran away, the PM was calling them fringe White Supremacists and an undesireable fringe. The Bureaucrats, Lobbyists, and other Denizens of the Federal Capitol of Canada freaked out when there were trucks parked in their nice quiet, streets. Watch the Ottawa City Council and Ottawa Police board meetings. Chief Sloly was being roasted for three weeks by Ottawans because he was not out there breaking heads and driving the truckers out of Ottawa.

    The reason he could not legally do it was the truckers were legally there protesting as guaranteed by the Canadian Charter Rights and Freedoms, (Section 2). What changed?

    1. They fired Chief Sloly. They hired retired Chief Tarigian (sp?) from Waterloo Friday 2/11. He took a look at the situation over the weekend, and said “NO! I wish you luck. I am staying far far away.” The head headbreaker is the OPS Interim Chief.

    2. PM Trudeau decided that the Emergency Measures Act was necessary. Basically imagine Martial Law. The actions taken under the Emergency Measures Act are not supposed the violate any of the Charter Rights, and to be limited.

    I do not know how arbitrarily freezing bank accounts of Canadian Citizens with out a court order by Private Banks is legal in Canada, but the Declaration by a PM is enough to authorize it. Even more they declared any actions taken, even against innocent people taken by any bank or financial institution will be shielded from any criminal and civil liability. So much for illegal searches and seizures.

    The City of Ottawa also is preventing any protests in any area of downtown, and telling all non-Ottawans to get off the streets, and “To Go Home!” So much for freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.

    The Government can order anyone to provide services to them under pain of civil and criminal penalties. “You better Tow That Semi or ELSE!” The Government is actually seizing the means of production, just like a Communist would.

    Trucker Strike? Under this law? The Liberal Government will put a thug with a gun in the passenger seat as you drive, and probably another armed thug with your family too.

    The Parliament votes on this at 8:00 PM EST tonight.
    Will Canada Fall?


    1. All throughout the crack down the protesters were non- violent. Arrested? Beaten? Trampled? They remained Non-Violent. They are even shaming the police for using pepper spray.


  6. Rudy – Agreed. I’m fairly certain they won’t try to pull the crap Trudeau did, because the American truckers won’t put up with that b.s.

    RG – The flip side of that is everyone knows the FBI is a garbage institution, and they know to call them out when they see them.

    TXNick – That’s a great plan.

    Victoria – I hope Canada never gets another shipment from these truckers. Ever. And I have a few friends I really care about in Canuckistan. Not enough people supported the truckers, and they sat by while the Ottawa police thugs trampled an elderly woman with a horse. I’m sorry Canada turned into a dictatorship, but I can guarantee you their tourism will suffer bigly.


  7. The Washington Beltway is a 66-mile loop, I would say Drive through DC with horns blaring, then just spend the rest of the time in a slow-rolling three to four-lane wide group of trucks however deep they can get and just keep circling around the city. The only way to keep them from going in circles until they are out of fuel or have made the point would be if they decided to open the only bridge that is a drawbridge which is The Woodrow Wilson Bridge but that being kept open would most likely cause the New Republican Governor of Virginia to inquire why.


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