The Waitingest Place On Earth

For reasons unknown to me, Walt Disney World is enjoying record attendance in their parks, and the ridiculous crowds have resulted in equally ridiculous ride waiting times.

This weekend sees many of the Parks at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando hit capacity. Ahead of Presidents’ Day on Monday, February 21, 2022, Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios were all completely sold out.

Sell-out crowds mean high wait times and six of Disney World’s most popular attractions just hit 800+ minutes total.

Who in their right mind would stand in line for so long?

Despite the ongoing effects of the pandemic, Disney Parks like the Walt Disney World Resort have seen skyrocketing profit thanks to price increases across merchandise, food, and Park tickets.

We’ve been to Disney World a few times, and the kids loved it when they were younger. Having said that, Disney World has become so unbelievably expensive that we cannot afford it anymore, Plus, their uber-woke policies are a huge turn-off.

11 thoughts on “The Waitingest Place On Earth

  1. Last time I went to one of their parks was 1991. Long wait times and overpriced food kept me away ever since. That was before the woke b.s. was invented.

    I think Dopey took over the managment there.


  2. I saw an article last night that Californians an almost fly to Paris and go to Disneyland there for cheaper than it costs to go to Disneyland here. Must be a nice problem to have that you keep raising prices and lines are still out the door.


  3. Never been to Disney World, but last time in Disneyland was decades ago. My youngest was maybe 1/2″ taller than the minimum to ride some fun thing and they measured him every time. We had a great time, but even then it was too expensive for my meager budget. I don’t want to wait in any line, but more than that, I don’t want to give the woke Disney company any of my money. I won’t be going every again.


  4. Last time I went there was early December 2007. 1/2 the rides weren’t working & it rained, so we all bought Disneyland ponchos & called ourselves the dork family. The best part of that trip was when we got back to the hotel room & took off the ponchos & my 4 year old granddaughter yelling I want to be a dork & demanding her daddy give her back her poncho.


  5. TXNick – You’re probably right. They lost me forever when they destroyed the Star Wars franchise.

    Ingineer – You’d think they would lower prices to bring more people in. Sadly, WDW has become a rich person’s playground.

    RG – Especially in Florida. Waiting lines are brutal with the sun blasting you.

    MelP – Nothing wrong with being a dork.


  6. I grew up literally 20 minutes from Disneyland. My dad’s company used to rent the whole park for a Sat. night. No tickets, just ride till you dropped. I’ve been so many times it’s hard to count. then I got to go to DisneyWorld. a whole different experience. It looks the same , but there’s so much more space, and places to sit while you eat. It’s horribly expensive, but I’ve got three grandies with number 4 on the way. And youngest hasn’t even started spitting kids out yet..It’s one of life’s great pleasures watching kids experience Disneyland, so I’m stuck..


  7. Digger – I don’t blame you for that. It’s just my specific family doesn’t really feel like going. We’ve been there more than a few times, and the kids really like the beach. We’re doing the Outer Banks again this year after not going in 2021.


    1. When I practiced in the mid west, we used to go down to Clearwater Beach. one year we screwed up and ended up there during spring break. Made the beach interesting, for me, but the noise was absolutely unrelenting..Now i don’t think I’d travel east on a plane for anything. I had a couple of consult deals offered to me back there and I just turned them down.


      1. Me and two college friends of mine went to see the Phillies in Clearwater after we graduated. Straight run… eighteen hours. Great ride and saw a lot of cool things.


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