Ancient Japanese Secret

Ah, the Japanese. First they gave us Anime, then they gave us Pokémon, and now they have graced us with digital floating cash registers in convenience stores.

Just last month, Japanese convenience store chain 7-Eleven announced they would be going high-tech, introducing the “world’s first” non-contact/aerial display technology for POS cash registers.

I’m sure when there break down, a lot of people will think they’re a “POS.”

The cashless self-checkouts, dubbed “Digi POS“, feature a floating aerial display, and they were installed at six secret locations in Tokyo on 1 February. Our intrepid reporter Mr Sato went on a hunt to find a branch where he could try out the new terminal, and after two weeks of searching, he finally found one, at 7-Eleven’s Akasaka Tokyu Plaza Store in Tokyo’s Akasaka Mitsuke.

He stood in front of the register, and there it was — the screen popped up in front of him, floating in mid-air like something from a sci-fi movie!

If this becomes a viable option, it’s possible we can have full-mirror screens where naked women can call us by mistake; just like in Demolition Man.

4 thoughts on “Ancient Japanese Secret

  1. Logan’s Run had a scene like that. Browse through pictures of whatever “tickled your fancy,” select a favorite, and he/she/it would come to your door.


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