Putin Makes His Move

You already know this, but Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine. Putin has launched missiles into Kyiv and sent attack helicopters and ground troops into the country. On top of that, Putin warned the western nations to not interfere, or there will be grave consequences.

Vladimir Putin has given a chilling warning to the West that an attempt to stop or interfere with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would lead to “consequences never encountered in your history”.

What difference does that make? It’s not like the illegitimate president will stop him, nor will NATO.

The Russian president made an early morning address declaring that a special military operation would be launched in the east of Ukraine in separatist areas. But what immediately followed was a “wide-scale” assault on their Balkan neighbour with multiple missile attacks on the capital Kyiv as well as other cities across the country.

He said in the televised speech at 6am local time: “Whoever tries to hinder us, and even more so, to create threats to our country, to our people, should know that Russia’s response will be immediate. And it will lead you to such consequences that you have never encountered in your history.

F. Joe Biden will make a speech claiming he will apply sanctions on Russia, but that will be the end of it. It is funny, however, that he will not support the country which funneled millions of dollars to him and his drug addict son. Sorry Ukraine, you’re on your own.

P.S. – The Russians made a move on Snake Island in the Black Sea and demanded the thirteen soldiers there to surrender. The soldiers replied with, “Go f**k yourselves.” The Russians then bombarded the island, killing the Ukraine soldiers.

Not for nothing, but that’s badass.

21 thoughts on “Putin Makes His Move

  1. Putin knows Biden is a weakling and will do nothing but talk and apply some minor sanctions. Putin wouldn’t have dared pulled this stunt with Trump in the White House. The whole world sees us in a very different light after our catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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  2. Ronni – I sincerely doubt Biden’s sanctions will do anything. Putin doesn’t care. All he cares about is taking Ukraine. But you’re right, this wouldn’t have happened when Trump was in office. They invaded Georgia under GWB, Ukraine under Obama, and Ukraine II: Electric boogaloo under Biden.


  3. This only happens because we have a paste eating puppet in the WH. we have a large Ukrainian population settled here in eastern Washington, but they all have family still in Ukraine. This is really tough on them..


  4. Wyatt, y’know the site I sometimes send you links to? They were posting a bunch of tweets by people saying Biden’s playing chess with Putin (snort), that Putin only did this because of how much Trump weakened us in the eyes of the world (snort, again) & (my favorite) this will guarantee Biden’s re-election (OMG! Gigglesnort). Of course, the replies to the 2nd one are the best, they usually boiled down to Putin didn’t pull this during Trump’s years because Trump was so unpredictable that Putin didn’t know how he’d respond.


    1. Other nations looked at Trump like they did with Reagan. They thought he was crazy, so they didn’t want to test him. He is unpredictable, like Reagan, and it kept thugs like Putin out of Ukraine and Georgia.

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  5. Oh, yeah, and the latest is that Biden’s people gave all the Russian intelligence to China trying to persuade them to help us with the sanctions. Anyone wanna take a guess what China did?


  6. RD – It was the best part about Trump. He didn’t want to get involved in wars, but if someone tried the crap the Soviets and the Chinese are doing, he had no issue bombing the hell out of them.


    1. Remember when Mathias Rust flew a Cessna from Helsinki across the Baltic Sea and half of the Russian Air Defense System without being identified and/or or shot down? He landed in Red Square next to the Kremlin in the middle of Moscow. Talk about embarassing? Two years later, the entire Warsaw Pact collapsed.


      A couple of B-2’s firing off Cruise Missiles full of leaflets dumping them on Red Square, Pushkin Square and the Kremlin itself? “Hey Vlad, We want peace NOW. Next time this could be a can of Los Alamos Sunshine. -/s/ Your Friend Donald”


  7. Unlike the USA ignoring countries yelling “Death to America,” Russia probably had enough of the USA media and government (now one and the same) yelling “Russia, Russia, Russia” every day.

    Bill Clinton goofed when he cajoled the Ukrane government to give up their nucs. They now see how well the USA defends countries that align with us. To paraphrase Mel Brooks, “Taiwan…. you’re on your own, son.”


  8. Sanctions are meaningless, as area the other leaders of the “western” world. I’m thinking maybe “western” world should just by the “pussified” world. That said, Putin is smart, murderous, and knows what he wants. Eventually, he wants a warm salt water port. I’m sure Turkey is on his list at some point, but if I was living in Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, and probably a few more, I’d be nervous. Once he takes Europe, I’m sure he’ll be coming for North America. On the bright side, he can have Canada immediately, Justine Castro-Trudeau-Ceaucescu will welcome him with open arms, she’s already on his side.


  9. TXNick – Truer words were never spoken. America is no longer the shining beacon on the hill. We’re simply another random country who lost our exceptionalism.

    RG – Kyle’s friend is Ukrainian – we have a lot of them in my neighborhood – and he asked Kyle, “My Slav brother, when are we going to fight for Ukraine?” He was kidding, but I worry Putin will move toward Slovakia.


  10. You know we will get pulled into this eventually. People will start watching videos like this:

    And it will make them hate Russia, Putin, and the Red Army with the heat of 10,000 suns. It doesn’t help having kindergartners running a dementia addled president. Maybe that’s not fair to kindergartners.


  11. My granddaughter’s best friend has a Russian mother. Her friend had to go home in tears from school she was so upset. I think many of the Russian people are wonderful hard working people like many Americans. I wouldn’t go so far as to say we ought to wipe them off the map, but their government is run by a murderous dictator and his policies reflect through the ranks to a brutal army. I don’t expect them to give any quarter to the Ukranian people, military or civilian. There are going to be a lot of dead Ukranians and many war crimes perpetrated upon them, It is my sincere desire that Ukraine turn into another Afghanistan for Russia. The Russian army certainly needs to be wiped off the planet, as does their leadership in Moscow. Putin has pretty much murdered his way into power and he certainly doesn’t have any reason to stop. On another note, our government isn’t a whole lot better. I have seen no evidence that F Joe Biden is a murderous dictator in the sense that he goes out and has his enemies murdered like Putin. He certainly was part of the murderous campaign throughout our country’s hospitals through his withholding of medications that could help patients with the dreaded virus. Clinton’s certainly would fit in Putin’s category though. Bottom line, much of the world is run by corrupt dictators. Let’s hope ours goes soon and that Putin is dragged into another Afghanistan that bankrupts his country. You know if Trump were in power, at the very least, he’d have the CIA in the Ukraine causing all kinds of havoc for the Russkies.


    1. I think the worst things I’ve seen from the war was a tank plowing over an elderly man in his private car, and the Russian fighter which fired a missile at a residential home. There are probably good Russians, but not a lot of them are condemning their homeland.


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