Kansas Store Steps Up Against Tyranny

A Wichita, Kansas liquor store has banned Russian vodka from their shelves after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The owner claimed it is their “tiny sanction” against the Soviets.

Jamie Stratton, partner of the Jacob Liquor Exchange, confirmed Friday that its store on 29th and Rock Road in Wichita, Kan., had removed more than 100 bottles of Russian vodka between its shelves and display. He explained that they decided they did not want any presence of the Russian product in its store and referred to it as a “tiny sanction.”

In my opinion, any sanction, no matter how big or how small is worthy of recognition.

He said that the retail value of Russian vodka pulled from the store altogether was $4,300. Stratton explained that they were not promoting or marketing the Russian vodka, and that they did plan on making the Ukrainian vodka in their store, one brand called Khor, more prominent.

“Bye bye Russian Vodka you are not worthy of a space on our shelf!” the store said in a Facebook post on Friday.

Yes, this is a small gesture, but hopefully it will catch on in other cities and countries. Ruin the Soviet economy, one ruble at a time.

13 thoughts on “Kansas Store Steps Up Against Tyranny

  1. I’ve been boycotting Russian vodka all my life. There are better uses for potatoes, and better things with which to make adult beverages.


  2. Mike AKA Proof – Plenty of other good vodka on the store shelves. Even some from Ukraine.

    Gary – Now that’s a million dollar idea.

    TXNick – I love screwdrivers, but when I drank them it was usually cheap vodka, because it was my college days.


  3. More than likely just more puppet theater.

    Ukrainians seem to be a brave people, but the US led them down a primrose path, telling them they could be a NATO/EU/WEF power right on Russia’s border. We knew Russia would not allow it, so we forced Putin’s hand. Knowing he would rather wreck Ukraine than have it as a NATO base.

    Russia offered to negotiate and allow Ukraine to be a neutral independent country, but Ukraine (and probably our State Department) refused.

    I weep for the Ukrainians, who have chosen to be destroyed at the urging of the globalist EU and US powers. But I can’t blame Russia for acting as it has. It’s what we would have done under our Monroe Doctrine, and everyone knows it.

    We are as much responsible and at fault for what happens to the Ukrainians as the Russians are.


    1. Likely. I think Putin is a scumbag warlord looking to reignite the Soviet Union. no one will challenge him, because his opposition always gets Hillaried.

      When I was in college, I took two classes of Russian history. The Russians have always wanted a dictator-type (the czars, the communists, etc.) because they want to be told what to do. It’s been like that before Ivan the Terrible. This is all they know, so when they roll into Ukraine, the peasants cheer.


      1. Nonsense. Russia has shown no interest (or capability) to reconvene the Soviet Union. NATO has been expanding eastward to their borders. The Russians view that as aggression. Obama’s US ambassador Paul McFaul even threatened to foment a “color revolution” in Moscow to overthrow Putin.

        You’ve swallowed the western propaganda. We have been the aggressors, and Russia has been warning us what they would do for a decade. Now they’ve done it.

        And frankly, it doesn’t matter that the Russian government is a corrupt kleptocracy. So is the Ukrainian government. For that matter, so is the US government. And most of the NATO country governments.


  4. https://t.co/3fJ6vde5SI

    I don’t know if I did the link right.

    “Gov. Tom Wolf Sunday sent a letter to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, urging it to remove Russian-sourced products from Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores in the Commonwealth.”


    1. I’ll give him half-credit, because he’s only doing this because the primaries are coming and he doesn’t want his leftist pals to lose in landslides. The man is arguably the worst PA governor in my lifetime.


  5. It’s not a sanction, but a small gesture with righteous meaning…every company in the US needs to cancel every Russian order/shipment/purchase no matter the expense. If the world excommunicates Russia, their gov’t will come around. We need to freeze and confiscate every investment and property Russian citizens have in this country…take away that oligarch’s Palm Beach mansion, and see how long Putin lasts…That Wells Fargo Investment Account??…Freeze that mother…That 100 million dollar yacht docked at Key West??…AMF Ruskies…You think Putin would last a week?…Unfortunately Brandon lacks the balls…


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