Wow, People Really Hate The Police

A gunfight outside the Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs Unit occurred Friday evening, and a projectile pierced a window of the division.

A bullet went through a window at the Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs building 0n “the 7900 block of Dungan Road” on Friday night, 6 ABC reports.

The bullet was fired through the window around 11 p.m. when a man walking on Dungan got into a shootout with an individual in a vehicle.

To give you a feel for what Philadelphia is like, thugs are having shootouts within fifty yards of a police installation. Now, of course, the drones at IAD aren’t real cops, but they have weapons… they never use.

The Philadelphia Inquirer notes that the bullet “went through a cafeteria window and struck a wall.” No one was injured by the shot.

I’m certain dozens one car slowly raced to the scene to help out our good friends at Internal Affairs.

14 thoughts on “Wow, People Really Hate The Police

  1. Ronni – The blue cities are collapsing, if they already haven’t. Most elected Soros DA’s to make sure the murder rates rise.

    Mike AKA Proof – Don’t think there is a ballistic vest his size. Maybe we can attach two together to make one Diego Special.


  2. One car? Somebody needs to give those guys an attitude adjustment.

    I’m with Ronni, I love living in a small community with great neighbors and a big wheat field next to my house.

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  3. I feel like I should stick my tongue firmly in cheek before I ask about any current investigations that might be pissing someone off.

    You’re right though, the fact that this is happening show a real lack of fear and respect for Philly PD.


    1. That’s an accurate view of just about any Dem city’s police force as their DAs don’t enforce the law so the police are just spinning their wheels or being hassled for doing their job.

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  4. RG – The new and improved IAD will not find you not guilty. If you have a complaint against you, no matter how frivolous, these investigators always make unfounded investigations “sustained.” believe me, if the building caught fire, a lot of cops would go to lunch.

    Mark – I’ve been to IAD more as a detective than as a cop, which is ridiculous. Never been convicted, and every complaint was a ridiculous one. Mrs. Earp’s former friend tried to get me fired, as did a member of a female’s family who used to post here, and two people who claimed I wronged them, and both were on days I was off.

    Veeshir – We have a guy who has robbed stores seventeen times – he did it earlier today – and the Soros DA has still not approved the arrest warrant. Seventeen robberies, all with firearms, and they won’t approve the warrant.

    TXNick – When I drive to work, I am a few blocks from the IAD building. I have never driven past it unless I was called down there. I refuse to go anywhere near that place. Ever.


      1. TXNick, you made me laugh out loud since I have family and friends in Louisiana and have been there often. Seriously accurate!


    1. Probably, yes. I’m not a fan because all the times I was there were for b.s. That said, they have fired and/or arrested quite a few people who deserved to be off the job.


  5. Now I see why you want your kids doing University elsewhere. Some people do not have a lot of faith in Philadelphia and the Temple University Police Department, and they are putting their money where there mouth is.

    It sounds like they are hoping to keep their kid safe until he graduates. For the past week, JNS Protection Services has been doing foot and car patrols three days a week. … She connected with JNS Protection Services CEO Jasmine Jackson and hired them to do patrols in the areas near campus where a lot of students live and crimes were happening. The area is west of Broad Street and it does fall in the Temple Police patrol area.

    Question, why wouldn’t they lean on the people that order the Philadelphia PD around? They obviously have resources/$. Get more police in the area 24/7, not just a shift three days a week?


    1. We have the good fortune of having a mayor and a D.A. who despise this city, and they do nothing to make this garbage town better. That’s not a joke. Both of these assclowns hate the police, hate firefighters, and hate blacks. Instead of arresting and charging the thugs, they release them. guaranteeing more murders.

      Also, speaking of Temple Police, I have a TDS set for Wednesday. It really shows how “professional” they are.


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