They’re All Very, Very Corrupt

During the “president’s” hilarious State of the Union Address, F. Joe Biden removed a line from his speech where he planned to ban members of Congress from holding and/or trading stocks.

During his State of the Union (SOTU) address on Tuesday evening, President Joe Biden declined to endorse a bipartisan plan to ban members of Congress from holding or trading stocks.

The Washington Post reported that earlier drafts of Biden’s address included an endorsement of banning members of Congress from trading stocks, but a transcript of the speech reveals it was ultimately cut — mentioning only the Russian stock market.

There have been legitimate accusations that members of Congress are participating in insider trading, and more than a few congresscritters are making millions in the market. Like this bitch right here…

In December 2021, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that Congress and their family members should not be banned from trading stocks because “we’re a free market economy.”

The remark came after it was revealed that 54 Republicans and Democrats in Congress failed to properly disclose their transactions in accordance with Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act.

The watchdog organization Unusual Whales has revealed that, on average, members of Congress beat the market in 2021 with hundreds of millions of dollars in stock trades. Those who faired the best were Reps. Austin Scott (R-GA), Brian Mast (R-FL), French Hill (R-AR), John Curtis (R-UT), Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

I expect Pelosi to be uber-corrupt, but the fact that douchebag RINO Dan Crenshaw is making a killing really grinds my gears. Seriously Texas, you need to jettison this leftist douchebag, post haste.

9 thoughts on “They’re All Very, Very Corrupt

  1. The problem is how the Congress Critters will ever pass a law that will actually limit their behavior and reform Congress. Why would they want to limit their own behaviors?

    They have effectively neutered their “Congressional Ethics Committee.” When was the last time Congress actually did anything with the crooks, criminals and perverts amongst themselves? Swalwell was Bang Banging Fang Fang a Communist Chinese Spy. Want to bet Swalwell runs for President AGAIN in 2024?

    If Congress does actually pass a law, it will be by a huge, almost unanimous margin. It will also be completely unconstitutional and thrown out by the Federal District Court within months.


    1. Why, just a few years ago they threatened a congress critter with censure. Censure!
      You know what that means?
      Jack and squat.
      And Jack left town.

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  2. Crenshaw has disappointed several times over the last couple of months. But, it’s axiomatic that no matter how stand up these folks are when they’re first elected, once they find their way to the feeding trough, they just become as corrupt as everybody else…And they’re all corrupt..


  3. Mike AKA Proof – His handlers should have never put it in the speech if he wasn’t going to mention it.

    Steve – I agree. These guys participate in insider trading after little birds give them some knowledge.

    TXNick – Dude went straight leftists quicker than the others, which is fine. At least we know who he truly is.

    RD – It’s the same with term limits. They will never vote for them, because more of these morons would never be able to find work.

    Digger – I agree. They’re no better than the Democrats, but they’re slightly better on policy. That said, not a lot of GOPers calling out the atrocious J6 treatment.


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