Oh Yeah, It’s A Freakin’ Mystery

This may come as a surprise to all of you, but the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is suffering from a historic shortage of cops. Apparently, no one in their right mind wants to be a police officer. Can you imagine?

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro met with Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, along with area police chiefs, on Tuesday to discuss an ongoing problem: a historic shortage of police officers.

“The fact is, and we see this, fewer young people are deciding to make law enforcement their career,” Shapiro said. “That’s a problem. And it’s going to lead to long-term negative consequences in our communities.”

Hmm, I wonder why that is? Maybe it’s because Democrat politicians like Shapiro spent the Saint George Floyd riots telling anyone and everyone to defund the police. Maybe it’s because people like Danielle Outlaw spends her time trying to get cops fired and/or suspended. Maybe it’s because drunken Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney and Soros-appointed D.A. Larry Krasner are not allowing officers to do their job.

But hey, what do I know?

It’s not just Philadelphia. Pennsylvania is a mess as well.

Pennsylvania currently has 1,229 vacant police positions across the state.

That number will rise, because Philadelphia is seeing two to three resignations every single day.

In Philadelphia, Commissioner Outlaw said, a combination of staff shortages and rising crime have worn police increasingly thin.

“They’re all just bearing heavier case loads, suffering from burnout, and experiencing increased stress,” Outlaw said.

Nice try, Outlaw. This has nothing to do with staff shortages – we’ve been short for three years now – it has everything to do with the upper echelon bosses who couldn’t care less about what happens to the random police officer. We have zero support from our commissioner, our D.A., and our mayor.

Those who can get out are getting out quickly, and no one is looking to be a police officer anymore, especially in this garbage city. Why would anyone take a job where both the public and your bosses hate your guts? Philadelphia will be facing a lot of pain in the near future, and you can attribute that to our betters in the department.

9 thoughts on “Oh Yeah, It’s A Freakin’ Mystery

  1. Left out that POS Krasner as well. Why would I want to become a cop when the DA wants to prosecute cops more than criminals?


  2. Rudy – Krasner just arrested an officer from the 666 District. Nice guy, but we warned him time and again about his gun arrests. They were always a little shaky, but he didn’t listen. Now he’s arrested. Shame.


  3. Next Stop, National Police Department.

    The Feds have the money, Washington DC bureaucrats have no problem grabbing powers, soon they will be taking over from everybody, Federal, State, Local, and County. One Stop Policing, no one to watch the watchers. No one around to investigate the investigators. Once they decide a crime is not a crime, there will be no prosecutions. Once they decide you are guilty, they will railroad you into a sentence and a cell. Lying to a federal agent is a crime, and they will tell you what you lied about from their written notes transcribed after your interview is completed.

    Your level of justice and your freedom will depend on your politics and your party affiliation.

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    1. 100% correct. It’ll be like January 6th. Feds hitting your homes, and putting you in jail for eternity. We need a president who will disband these organizations, but I doubt anyone has the stones to do so.


    2. I’m pretty certain I can protect myself and my wife from criminals, but not from the bad cops out there.

      You are right about the politicians wanting a national police force. Think of the size of the bureaucracy required for one and the large paycheck for a politician’s son/daughter/whatever needed to run the force.


  4. I just saw a small city in Nor Cal offering a $40k signing bonus and a bunch of others are offering $10-15k. For some reason recruitment is way down. I can’t imagine why.


  5. Seattle requires a manpower level of approx. 1400 cops, of which they now have 850-895 who are road effective. Amazon Seattle employs 1000 security officers. The Washington state legislature just passed a 5% pension bump to every cop at 25+ years. Guess what the effect in Seattle has been. Evertt, 30 miles north of Seattle is paying 30K signing bonuses and retention bonuses. Seattle is paying 0$ in both categories..


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