Swimming Against The Tide

So the NCAA Division I Swimming Championships were held Thursday, and wouldn’t you know William “Lia” Thomas won the National Championship. You would think Thomas, a man, would be embarrassed by routing girls in the pool, but nope; Thomas is proud.

No matter how badly radical trans activists and wokesters want it to be true, University of Pennsylvania swimmer and NCAA champ Lia Thomas is not female. She’s just not. We don’t begrudge her her right to live her life as a woman if that’s how she chooses to live her life, but that doesn’t change her biology. Biologically speaking, she’s still a man — and she has no business competing against biological females in women’s sports.

Truer words were never spoken.

Thomas won the NCAA national championship yesterday not by being the best woman swimmer, but by competing against actual women’s swimmers knowing full well that she has unfair physical advantages.

We can only imagine the depths of the hurt and anger felt by the women athletes who are relegated to a distant second or third or who never get a chance to medal at all because the NCAA sanctions trans women participating in women’s sports. But this photo gives us a pretty good glimpse into how those women are feeling..

I can’t post the actual photo because it’s from Getty, and they always try to extort money if bloggers use their photos. I can link the photo, however, and this is how it looked.

It’s great to see the females shun this fraud, despite the fact they’ll probably get hell for it. If the female swimmers continue on this path, it’s possible they can reclaim their sport back.

11 thoughts on “Swimming Against The Tide

  1. I suggest we rename all sports to “XX Swimmers Competition” and “XY Swimmers Competition,” etc. Qualify each competitor by their chromosome, and group them accordingly.


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  2. I haven’t quite figured out why we celebrate insanity, but it’s definitely a mad, mad world. It does give pause when considering the entire feminist movement. I’ll stick with the old tried and true family unit with a man, woman, and children. It has worked well for my lovely bride and I for almost 50 years. She’s still my best friend.


    1. My Lady and I have been together 20 years now. We’ve had ups and downs, but saw them through. Patience and persistence are the keys to a happy relationship.

      (And forgiveness for me having a warped sense of humor.)


  3. I’m all for doxing (naming and identifying) all those involved in such decisions, supporters, perpetrators…so that the insane cockroaches are known, and prospective employers can apprise themselves of such knowledge so they can avoid involving such sick people in their business ventures…


  4. TXNick – As someone as work said, “You can pretend you’re a female, but your chromosomes never change.”

    RG – The hilarious part is the feminists approve of this thing. They’re actively initiating their own demise.

    MelP – Now that would be must-se TV.

    Doc – The people who celebrate this should be ignored by polite society.


  5. They need to boot him out of female competitions. He was only mediocre competing against other males but now, miraculously keeps winning against women. And the libs want you to believe your sex at birth has nothing to do with it….Give me a flipping break!! Any doctor on the planet will refute that foolishness.


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