FJB Will Allow Some Oil/Gas Leases

Well, it took the Biden administration a year and a half, but the “president” has announced he will allow some leasing of federal land for oil and gas production. Wow, thanks Mr. President*, you are truly merciful!

(It’s almost as if there is an election coming up.)

The Biden administration is finally moving forward with re-starting the leasing of federal land for oil and gas drilling. The Interior Department made the announcement after a federal appeals court ruled in favor of the administration last week. The “social cost of carbon” value is factored in measuring the cost of climate change in the drilling process. The court ruled that the administration can use a higher calculation value of per ton of greenhouse gases emitted in the federal decision–making process.

The “climate change” truthers are a cult. These people will literally let you freeze to death while the elites enjoy all the gas and oil they can buy.

When Joe Biden ran for president, he promised to stop federal drilling auctions, but that effort has caused Republican-led states to file court challenges. Since he took office in January 2021, Biden’s administration has provided a string of stops and starts to the federal oil and gas leasing program. Biden wants a return to the Obama-era value of $50 per ton of greenhouse gases emitted, while Republicans prefer the calculation used during the previous administration of $10 per ton.

It’s difficult to believe this country was completely energy independent a little more than a year ago. Trump made that happen in less than four years. Now, the Interior Department is claiming it might be a while, because of… climate change.

The Interior Department said there would be a delay in upcoming federal oil and gas lease sales last month because a Louisiana federal judge blocked the administration from using its much higher social cost of carbon value when it factors in the risks of climate change in decision-making on permits, investments, and regulatory issues.

F. Joe Biden virtually destroyed Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry on his first day in office. I believe fracking is also way down, and they are destroying our former energy independence by putting “climate change” before anything else.

6 thoughts on “FJB Will Allow Some Oil/Gas Leases

  1. TXNick – I think it’s too late. They are going to be routed – probably – in November. The only problem is Republicans will be back in power. The Uniparty never changes.


  2. All he had to do was leave the Trump Administration Policies in place. Just Drill, Frack, and Build Pipelines:
    Lower gas prices
    Less demand for Russian Oil.
    Lower World Oil Prices.
    Less money for Russia.

    If F. Joe Biden had done that? Would Putin and Russia have had enough money to start a war in Ukraine? Would tens of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians still be alive? Would over a Hundred Children still be alive? Would Ukrainian cities, villages and farms be smoking ruins if Joe had just left good enough alone?

    How many other F. Joe Biden Executive Orders from that first week have made the US and the World worse?


  3. Apparently all those dead voters elected a brain dead President.

    In addition to voter ID, I think we need to require voter EKG.


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