A True Humanitarian

Meet Donald Ray Walker of Fori-Duh.

Donald is a big man with a big heart. That is, when he isn’t beating the living daylights out of elderly men.

Winter Haven police identified a man Monday wanted in connection with a vicious attack on a 73-year-old that was captured on video over the weekend.

In a Facebook post, police said authorities are searching for Donald Ray Walker, 43, of Indian Lake Estates, an unincorporated community in Polk County.

Donald is probably so angry because he’s bald.

According to police, a warrant has been issued for Walker, who they say was caught on video Saturday “pummeling” the man, who was walking out of the Publix at Southeast Plaza along Cypress Gardens Boulevard.

Police said Walker sped by the man in a pewter-colored Ford F-250, and the man yelled to the driver. An argument ensued, and the truck drove away. Police said the driver of the truck, later identified as Walker, got out and punched the man repeatedly. Walker also smashed the man’s cellphone on the ground, preventing him from calling for help.

One wonders if Donald has ever fought someone his age, since this pussy only fights octogenarians.

8 thoughts on “A True Humanitarian

  1. He’s just damn lucky the victim wasn’t carrying. I’m too old to be someone’s punching bag. He would reach room temp mighty quick.


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