Come With Me If You Want To Live

Meet Sarah Connors of Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Sarah, um, “quarantined” herself in Louisiana for a spell, and when she was, um, “released,” she decided to go back to her roots. Stealing cars.

A New Jersey woman faces more charges after police say she stole a car less than an hour after being released from the St. Tammany Parish Correctional Center.

Where is a Terminator when you need him?

“At approximately 4:45 p.m. Monday, the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office was contacted about a red Chevy Camaro, which had been stolen after it was left running outside a fast-food restaurant near the intersection of US Highway 190 and Louisiana Highway 25 in Covington,” said the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies found the stolen Camaro heading southbound on U.S. 190 near Holiday Boulevard and gave chase. Police say the driver did not stop and sideswiped another car before deputies found the car crashed off the Fairway Drive exit.

The driver, 27-year-old Sarah Connors of Bloomfield New Jersey, sustained serious injuries in the crash and was transported by emergency medical personnel to a local area hospital.

Once again, we can confirm Jersey drivers are some of the worst in the country.

Oh, and before you ask, sure, Sarah is definitely bangable.

16 thoughts on “Come With Me If You Want To Live

  1. We all have things we are good at doing. For Sarah it’s car theft for about 5 minutes. Too bad she is lacking common sense and good judgement. I have a friend who does pre-sentencing reports for the county judicial system here and 99.9% of these people never change and seem to start in their early teens. So sad.


  2. Ronni – We see the same people in and out of the cell room all the time. You’d think after being arrested you would want to go on the straight and narrow. Nope.

    Mike AKA Proof – “Thugs gotta steal…”

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  3. She doesn’t have a three digit IQ. She would have had a better chance of escaping in a less conspicuous car.



  4. Wyatt forgot one of the important man laws: don’t stick your >ahem< in crazy. And she looks like she got in line more than once for a free refill.


  5. Sarah Connors does not even have the excuse that a Terminator T-1000 is after her. She needs to hide out in prison until Kyle Reese arrives from the future and can save her.

    Most convicted violent criminals should hide out in prison, where they are safer than they are on the streets. The streets will also be safer without them too.


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