The Irish Eyes Were Not Smiling

Meet Brandy Jones of Dublin, California.

Brandy was on her way to her court appearance for stealing a vehicle, but this ultimate sexpot wanted to get there on time. So, Brandy decided to borrow a vehicle for the day.

A woman was scheduled to make a court appearance on Monday in Dublin after being arrested for stealing a car.

How did she get to said court appearance?

The 41-year-old woman identified as Brandy Jones used another stolen car to get to said court appearance, Dublin police announced on Wednesday.

Well done, Brandy. Perhaps you can steal a police car to drive yourself home when you’re released next time. Dumbass.

4 thoughts on “The Irish Eyes Were Not Smiling

  1. Reminds me of an old Laugh-In skit. Guy gets arrested, asks for his phone call & promptly calls a woman & starts talking trash, so he gets arrested again & calls her again…and so on.

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