Can Someone Give Him A Lite?

A Florida man named Gregory Sorensen was arrested by the Florida Highway patrol the other day, after he was found to be driving under the influence. Oh, did I mention Mr. Sorensen is a driving instructor?

According to FHP, Gregory Sorensen, 54, was pulled over driving on US 19 south of Pasco Way in a vehicle used to teach student drivers.

Troopers said Sorensen failed multiple sobriety tests and had a blood alcohol content of nearly three times the legal limit.

In Sorensen’s defense, you’d drunk too if you had to teach a bunch of snot-nose kids all day.

Troopers also located an open 24-pack of Natural Lite Beer in the back seat.

Wow, dude is a grown man and he as drinking Natty Lite? Wow, that’s definitely a violation.

5 thoughts on “Can Someone Give Him A Lite?

  1. How does one get hammered on near beer? I tried it back in the dinosaur days of the 1980’s while working in Oklahoma (3.2 BAC in the bars). All I ever got was a headache.


  2. Back in the day (the late 60’s) our driver-ed car was a stick shift. I was the only girl who knew how to drive one so after the teacher could take no more leap frogging across the practice football field, he (the industrial arts teacher) would have me get in the front and drive for awhile. I’m sure he wanted a beer or two after dealing with a majority of girls who had no idea what a manual transmission was.


  3. TXNick – When Kyle turned 21, a friend of his bought some Natty Lite. He drank it, but he’d rather drink Labatt’s.

    Ronni – My father made me learn on a stick. Best thing he ever taught me. The next summer I worked in a small airport in Philly and was the only one my age who could drive the forklift.


  4. I used a couple of mugs of Shiner Bock to wash down three tacos yesterday at Kyle’s favorite place in Plano yesterday. They were pretty good.

    And I forgot to use this one here, from an old English friend of mine:

    “American beer is like making love in a canoe. They are both effing near water.” (Thanks, Nick. I hope you can get good brews in heaven.)


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